Luxury Swimming Pools with Personality: SOEIRO’s Hotel Daniya Project

Pool experts SOEIRO have had 20 years of experience in bringing their clients, from all over the Costa Blanca, beautiful swimming pool solutions. Their specialty is style, durability and delivering high-end results.

For an example of their fantastic work, look no further than their Hotel Daniya project.

The hotel is an urban resort located in the heart of Alicante. It sees thousands of tourists every summer and can accommodate up to 500 people. SOEIRO aimed to deliver a solution that not only would be large and hard-wearing enough to withstand such a number of people but would also convey the luxurious look and feel of the hotel.

The result is spectacular- they use a cross shaped design with soft, round edges. The pool is dotted along the edges with palm trees and lounges. This makes it the perfect place to relax and catch some warm Alicante sun.  As always, the high-end materials used by Soreiro make for a pool that’s beautiful and made to last.

The project also included the design of an indoor spa. They have done the spa in a roman style, with beautiful tiling and unique columns.



All in all, the design is seamless and bursting with personality.


Here at Spain Life Exclusive we will be presenting a series of bespoke projects designed and built by SOEIRO, and take a closer look at some interesting technical aspects that, with their specialist help, translate into brilliant ideas to improve the looks and durability of your pool. Until next time, take a look at their website

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