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The pinnacle of comfort for the bedroom is your bed, the place to unwind, repair and rest after a long day. Of all the components that make up a comfortable bed, the mattress can be equated to the ‘spine’, should the furniture item be personified. From Britain, The Bed Centre specialises in sleeping perfection, only stocking the best of bedroom furniture to live-up to its reputation as a premier dealership. Mattresses carefully curated by Hypnos are a revered feature of The Bed Centre and Zircon —a refined sleeping experience— make finery defined.


Hypnos is a British family business dedicated to creating luxury beds of the highest quality. If you want to enjoy a night of absolute rest and pleasant sleep, we present some of the Hypnoss mattresses that you can find in the refined store The Bed Center of Calpe.


Hypnos — Senator Mattress

Custom-made to order with a 10-year guarantee and perfect for two, the Hypnoss Senator Mattress is hyper-aware of its surroundings. Carefully selected layers of silk and wool as a blend come together and regulates the body temperature of whoever is fortunate enough to lie on the Senator Mattress. Whilst the collection of eight ReActive branded springs in an integrated system intelligently distributes support for your body, as well as your partner’s, wherever it is needed the most. It continuously implements the required support to effortlessly provide optimum comfort; suitable for requirements, essential and surplus — all at a depth of 26 centimetres.


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Senator Mattress


Crafted by traditional hand and intelligent machine, the ardent passion and care that goes into the Buckinghamshire mattresses is unmatched to anyone else in the business. Within 6-8 weeks, your dream mattress with angelic precision will become a literal part of the furniture in your home. Breathable with thanks to eight individual nickel ventilators for effortless decompression — along with diligently crafted hand stitching, the silk side of the material blend simultaneously finishes the mattress with a decadent feel, yet is supreme at emitting its own self-governing climate control within the springs. All for that enhanced sensation of comfort and relaxation, all essential for that wonderful night’s sleep. The materials handpicked for the mattress help ensure top-notch hygiene by creating an environment within it that is conducive to airflow. Alongside that, consistent turning of the mattress is required. The utmost pillar of decadence in the bedroom, the ‘Senator’ promises superior comfort, but that is notwithstanding long-lasting quality, an individual mattress that cannot be found elsewhere, and a final finish go Belgian damask for that sumptuous layer of softness. The level of care and consideration in the Senator is astronomical, down to each individual fibre.


Hypnos — Residence Mattress

Continuing the craftsmanship of the signature Hypnos brand, the Residence mattress sits neatly alongside the Senator as the perfect twin sister companion, almost identical with those subtle differences that make the Residence so unique. Unlike the Senator mattress, the Residence does not need regular turning as a stipulated requirement, though it is kindly recommended for further comfort for the user.


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Residence Mattress


At a single centimetre deeper than its sister, too, the Residence comes in at 27 centimetres. Coming with more choice of preference, the Residence is available in varying levels of comfort. Choose from medium for that gooey-soft feel, firm to suit most tastes or extra firm if that ardent support is what you need. In comforting familiarity when paired with the Senator, you can expect the same list of technical specifications that make Hypnos the go-to for quality and excellence.


Hypnos — Pillow Top Zircon Mattress

Complete with the celebrated materials of the above two mattresses, the Pillow Top Zircon comes not just with the aforementioned amenities that the above two products boast, but it is also included with added thermal-regulating fibres under the name of Solotex, a material renowned for keeping the temperature just right when needed. Unmentioned yet included, with all three mattresses are the handles, embroidered by flag-style stitching and two hand side rows of stitching. Furthering the physical depth of quality in the mattress is the 29 centimetres, slightly deeper, construction of the unit — all the more guaranteeing the more comfort.


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Pillow Top Zircon Mattress


Comfort comes first and The Bed Centre can help you achieve just that, that precise feeling of restful bliss. Visit this store to explore the options available to choose from. You will find the showroom in the shopping centre Biblos (local 8), in the urbanization Los Pinos 1K of Calpe (Alicante). Contact their friendly staffby phone +34 965 836 814 or email For more information about their wonderful British Beds and linen, please visit their website and social networks.


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