Lujo Luxury Living; The Eichholtz Image in The Costa Blanca and Much More

As the luxury hospitality market changes and adapts, Lujo Luxury Living is always looking for new inspiration and experiences to consider and develop in this sector as well.


Currently, Lujo Luxury Living is collaborating with a new era of the hospitality industry by sharing their energy and imagination to make the most of the hotels and restaurant business all over Spain.

So far, we’ve discussed everything Lujo Luxury Living can do for the interiors of your home, from turning any room into a cozy room with attention to every detail in the decoration and ambiance to adapting your home’s spaces in a luxurious design where the timeless predominates to give rise to a careful style bordering on perfection. Moreover, their excellent showroom perfectly represents its style and design of it.



However, what we want to mention as well the projects to which Lujo is entirely committed because Lujo is not only involved in interior design for flats and residences but they are also involved in a number of projects in the hotel industry around Spain. They are now working on a decorating and interior design project with MS Hotels in Malaga that we do not yet have images of, but we will show you as soon as it is finished.

Lujo Luxury Living aims to satisfy each of the needs of each client, whether it is a hotel, restaurant or any room in your home with the most effective solution, combining functionality with aesthetics. That is why they offer a comprehensive service to shape your project.



Eichholtz Official distributor in Costa Blanca



Eichholtz is a reference of luxury and good taste and any space that boasts an exclusive Eichholtz piece will stand out for the strong style that has made this furniture wholesaler one of the most respected in the world. Well, Lujo Luxury for those who still do not know is the official distributor of the Costa Blanca, in charge of making any room in your home a unique space that exudes luxury and good taste using Eichholtz pieces.



Over the years, Eichholtz has grown into one of the world’s most well-known and reputable brands of luxury design furniture, lighting, and accessories, and each season returns to combine elegance and sophistication in the service of comfort and quality to offer new additions. For this we recommend you to visit the impressive showroom that Lujo has in Teulada where you can find the unique pieces of decoration displayed in their best context so you can visualize how they would look in the space you need.


Don’t forget Lujo offers Free Delivery on Eichholtz Furniture. Anywhere.





Pl. Gabriel Miró, 03725

Teulada, Alicante, Spain

692 372 446



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