Luisa of The Wedery, Costa Blanca: The best wedding dress for your Spanish wedding

If you want to get married in Spain – and so many brides do these – you need to give lots of consideration to choosing your wedding dress. With an average of 320 days of sunshine every year, chances are it will be hot on the day, and into the evening, so go for a lightweight, breathable material. Spain Life Exclusive asked Luisa, CEO of The Wedery, a company specializing in organising destination weddings, for some hints on choosing the perfect dress for your perfect day. She told us:


The main thing is to choose your dress to suit your personality, not just to follow the latest trends in fashion. These days, there are so many styles to choose from, you are sure to find the dress of your dreams. Keep trying on dresses until you do!


Trends in wedding dresses:


The Wedery
Otady vintage dress


Luisa identifies five distinctive styles from which most brides choose. She also points out that there are many shades of white, so be sure to choose the tone that suits your skin best. Not everyone can carry off pure white, so look at off-white, pearly white, snow white, champagne, nude, ivory and even palest pink. All these colours will work well and also accessorise well for colour schemes with flowers and table dressings. Having chosen your colour, what style will suit you best?



  • Classic: Simple in style, but sophisticated and elegant. A ‘less is more’ look, that often comes with a boat style or V-shaped neckline. It’s flattering for pretty much every bride, because the cut of the fabric is the most important design factor.
  • Modern: The bride who goes for the modern look wants to be a bit avant-garde and raise eyebrows with her style. Luisa says you can bet on asymmetric hems, openings where you may not expect them, and short dresses showing lots of leg.
  • Romantic: These dresses are delicately designed, and simple, usually made from chiffon or tulle. Expect floral motifs too. One attractive trend is to have trimmings of dainty, colourful embroidered flowers on the sleeves, neckline or on the back of the dress.
  • Vintage: The style of choice for ladies who love lace, and love the eternal beauty of the iconic Victorian look. Lots of attention to detail, and generally full skirts.
  • Boho: This look is popular with brides who go for beach weddings or outdoor ceremonies. They take on an element of hippie style with floaty, flowing fabrics, and maybe wear flowers in their hair rather than more formal veils and headdresses.


The Wedery
Classic dress in pure white by Marieta


Luisa has some important advice once you have found THE dress for you that ticks all the boxes. She says:


Don’t just stand there looking at yourself in the mirror, tempting as it may be. You’ll be wearing your dress for a long time, so move around in it. Stand, sit, stretch, dance, raise your arms in the air – all the things you might be doing on your wedding day. Make sure your dress moves with you, and that it’s as comfortable as a second skin.



It seems, then, that the best wedding dress is one you can forget about while you’re wearing it. It’s expected that others will want to admire it, but you don’t want to spend half of possibly the most important day of your life adjusting your clothing. So make sure you thoroughly check it out before leaving the store with it.


Be authentic:


The Wedery
Modern Dress by Ruben Hernandez


While a fairy tale wedding may be your dream, keep it real too. Don’t follow fashion if it doesn’t reflect your true personality, be natural and be comfortable. Be the bride your husband fell in love with, and wants to spend his life with. Be the bride your family and friends know and love. Don’t let your dress disguise the real you; it should complement your individuality, because it’s you your guests have come to see and support, not just your dress. Weddings are about people, not clothes. In the excitement of choosing your dream dress and organising the big day, this simple but vital detail can be overlooked.


Spanish or English designer?


Ultimately, the choice is down to you, the bride. One plus point of opting for a Spanish designed dress is that the material and style will have taken into account the prevailing climate. If you do decide to bring your dress with you, go for something made of light weight, breathable fabric. Avoid anything clingy, or too sculpted to your body if you want to stay cool and fresh all day, and give heavy trims and decorations a miss. You want to be a glowing bride, not a wilting one! Luisa particularly recommends these designers and suppliers in Spain. Why not check their websites or Facebook business pages for inspiration?




The wedding theme:


The Wedery
Camilla’s Room vintage dress in pearl shade


Once the dress is sorted, it’s time to think about the theme, and what colours will look good in the flowers and decorations. Luisa advises going for subtle shades of gold, white and pink, and the natural look of wood. She adds:


Don’t forget that small candles and strings of lights can enhance the atmosphere of an afternoon or evening wedding, giving a real romantic touch to the scene.


Luisa has been planning weddings on the Costa Blanca for many years, and we will be featuring more of her advice for weddings. Learn more about The Wedery here, and contact Luisa on the details below if you would like her to organise your dream wedding in Spain.


Contact details:


The Wedery
Romantic dress in off-white by Ruben Hernandez



C/ Poeta Miguel Hernández, 67 Entlo.
03201 Elche

Telephone: 677 46 47 74



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