Learn How You Can Benefit from CardioCare in Marbella’s Check-up Packages

To help ensure that you stay on top of your health, CardioCare offers its patients convenient Check-Up packages so that can accurately monitor their lifestyle and prevent illness. 

Offering premium care to the residents of Marbella, German International Heart & Vascular Centre CardioCare has a fantastic Check Up program in place to make sure that its patients have no issues in staying on top of their regular appointments. 

As a leading heart and vascular clinic in HC Marbella International Hospital, CardioCare carries out all kinds of non-invasive and minimally invasive investigations and procedures, as well as treating arrhythmias and vascular disease of any kind., including in the legs. Importantly, CardioCare offers 24/7 emergency care and hospital care for its patients, courtesy of the clinic’s integration with High Care International Hospital in Marbella.


CardioCare Marbella’s Check-Up Program

It’s very important not to be afraid of having regular heart checkups, and to keep in mind that early detection promotes many successful cases.

Thanks to the Cardiology speciality, CardioCare can receive a diagnosis and treatment for any disease related to the cardiovascular system, also avoiding any pathology that may arise in the patient.

A cardiological check-up is a major health prevention because, thanks to the complete study that the patient receives, he/she can know the state of health of his/her cardiovascular system. Therefore, an annual cardiology check-up is recommended, both as prevention for healthy adults and for people who have pre-existing medical conditions.

This type of medical check-up is carried out by the Cardiology team and by other sub-Specialtist in the fields. CardioCare follows international guidelines and protocols as well as early detection treatments to guarantee optimal health for their patients.

With checkup packages tailored to individual patients, the team gathers all of the vital information regarding patients’ personal medical history, individual risk factors and family medical history, and lifestyle habits. From there, CardioCare is able to draw up a personalised plan to accurately determine the patients’ needs.From there, CardioCare is able to draw up a personalised plan to accurately determine the patient’s needs. 

What makes CardioCare different is that the team takes the time to get to know every detail about its patients, because the more they can get to know you, the more the team can improve your condition. 

CardioCare wishes to remind its patients that the centre’s Checkup packages are also meant to be taken as suggestions, and are based on general guidelines. Patients may consider changes based on the staff’s recommendations after the first consultation with a prevention specialist. 

CardioCare has various plans depending on age, budget, risk factors as well as cardiovascular history. You can request an appointment online here






Address: HC International Hospital 

Calle Ventura del Mar 11, 29660 

Marbella, Málaga, Spain 

Phone: +34 677 759 003


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