Learn How CCEO Dental Clinic in Alicante Can Help You to Achieve the Perfect Smile

While many dread going to the dentist, CCEO in Alicante has their patients coming back to the clinic with a smile on their face. Read on for our recommendation a stellar service without the pain or hassle.

CCEO Clinc in Alicante, Av. Deportista Miriam Blasco, Nº 14 Loc. 2

Dental Clinic in Alicante CCEO, will give you the warmest welcome as soon as you walk through the door. Boasting a modern dental concept in Playa de San Juan, where the experience of the best professionals, joins the latest technology to offer you a first-class experience.

The team at CCEO offers their patients top-of-the-line treatments of top-of-the-line implants and veneers. Their patients can find all the dental services they require, without having to travel for external treatments. In addition, they provide dental solutions within everyone’s budgets with flexible payment plans, both for adults and children.

Lumineers Veneers: State-of-the-Art Dentistry

CCEO makes achieving perfect smile possible, as well as putting an end forever to all the fears and complexes that come with braces. The solution lies in a revolutionary advance in dental aesthetics, known as Lumineers veneers. It has been proven that a beautiful, healthy and natural smile improves self-esteem and benefits both your personal and professional life.

Director Dr. Javier Daguiar is one of the best specialists in dental aesthetics and is also certified by Lumineers. In this clinic you can find the best diagnosis, a personalised solution in the first free consultation and the possibility of preparing a payment plan adapted to your needs.

The new generation of Lumineers 2 veneers are at the forefront of dental treatments for perfect white teeth. As of late, it’s the method of choice for celebrities, footballers, singers and philanthropists. This technique will allow patients to boast a rejuvenated and bright smile, without wearing down natural teeth, without pain and without punctures.

Veneers by Lumineers

Why Opt for Lumineers

CCEO recommends veneers by Lumineers because they solve the problem of stained or yellowed teeth. The translucency, brightness and colour of veneers whiten teeth quickly and permanently. They are also a perfect solution for broken or worn teeth that need to be repaired.

In addition, these veneers can solve common problems such as uneveHealth
Learn How CCEO Dental Clinic in Alicante Can Help You to Achieve the Perfect Smilen, small, gapped, misaligned or crowded teeth, achieving, in the latter case, an orthodontic effect without the need for braces, which is something all of us wish to avoid.

The biggest advantage of Lumineers veneers is that they are custom-made, in different opacities and shades. Once the final decision has been made, the patient will be able to wear a bright white smile in just two appointments, without anaesthesia and without the need for temporary veneers, without sacrificing the integrity and health of their natural teeth.

The results achieved with Lumineers veneers

With the clinic’s state-of-the-art scanner, they’ll be able to provide you with the most precise, pain-free, and quickest impressions possible. Boasting the latest technology, CCEO is proud to perform a revolutionary practice for their patients.

Book an appointment for a check-up to see for yourself how they could help you to improve your smile, at affordable prices and with no fuss.

Where to Find CCEO?

The dental clinic in Alicante CCEO is located in the main tourist area of Alicante, close to a golf course and all kinds of services. Furthermore, for those travelling both from other areas of Spain and from abroad, it has good train connections, including connection with the high-speed train line, as well as an international airport which is one of the main airports in Spain.

It is well connected to both the centre of Alicante and El Campello by line 4 of the TRAM tram, as well as by line 9 bus.

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