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Next week’ Monday at 5 p.m And 6 p.m

In Botanico Beauty we offer Drawing lessons right henispheric.

For children and adults.
You can have appointmen in same time childrens draw.
These lessons develop creative thinking, drawing skills, self confidence.
You will get a new hobby, get rid of fatigue, stress, depression.

The 8 of March is International Women’s Day.

Therefore, all those who are targeting a treatment from 8 to 10 March, will have a gift of Botanico Beauty and participate in the lottery.

The new trend of nails in Botanico Beauty.


The industry of nail polishes and glazes increasingly makes it easier for us to decorate our nails in any color and almost any texture or design. Today we explain what is the hológrafico enamel, since you have probably seen it sometimes.
The holographic enamel also call it 3D enamel and is characterized by a large concentration of diamond particles that make the nail take on certain nuances and colors like those of a “rainbow”. It is the closest thing to a diamond effect on the nail and the nail tone varies according to the intensity of the light.
Although a nail may appear a priori with a finish in glitter or glitter, the main difference is that the holographic glazes have a homogeneous texture and achieve a perfect and intense gloss throughout the nail leaving the particles of brightness completely integrated into the enamel.

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