Lallar Alternative: green energy experts in Costa Blanca

Lallar Alternative is a family-owned business offering all kind of energy solutions, from solar and aerothermal production to pellets and wood stoves. They are truly experts and always analyse the best options for every specific house and family needs. At a time when climate change is undeniable, they bet on energy efficiency and cleaner options, based on renewable sources such as sun, air or biomass. Lallar Alternative is the place to go to make a home greener: the perfect combination of committed professionals, the best brands in the market and state-of-the-art technology.


Some company history

Lallar Alternative opened five years ago in Xaló and is run by Isabel Mengual and Joan Orihuel, a married couple. But the history of the company actually started a few decades before in Oliva, where Joan’s father also owns a plumbing and fireplace installation business. The name ‘la llar’ actually comes from there, as it means fireplace in Valencian.

Joan learned from his father and over the time he included modern greener biomass options, such as pellets, and he even registered a patent of an industrial pellet stove a few years ago. He and his wife Isabel are also passionate about other renewable sources of energy. With all that in mind they decided to start their own business in Xaló, Isabel’s hometown. From there they serve clients in all the Costa Blanca and Valencia area.


The best solution for every house

As their motto says, at Lallar Alternative they know the difference between a house and a home. And they help make houses as cosy as possible, in energy and heating terms. “We help our clients to get the best options for their homes”, Isabel Mengual says. “They might be interested in solar panels, for example, but we don’t just want to sell a product, we want to offer optimal solutions”. So they ask about the house features, the current energy and heating options in place, how many people live there, their needs of hot water and air-conditioning, etc. And they carefully explain all the alternatives to choose from, considering the most updated options.

“We attend the main industry trade fairs to stay updated. Some companies keep working with products from some years ago as they already know how to do it. We are continuously including new products and new technologies as soon as they reach the market”, she says.


Solar energy Lallar Alternative


The power of Sun

Lallar Alternative offers different kind of solar energy installations. Self-consumption installations have no batteries attached: the Sun-produced energy is used as it is produced and a connection to the electrical grid is required for nights and cloudy days. Isolated installations, on the other hand, are the best option for houses with no access to the grid. In these case the system includes batteries to storage surplus energy and energy managers to optimize the whole process. They also install solar panels for water heating.

“We can do all these alternatives, and always with the best equipment available. We only work with top marks, such as Fronius, SMA, Huawei, Victron, LG or Kostal. We never choose cheaper brands with doubtful guarantees, we always use first range products”, Isabel Mengual explains. They have recently included single-crystal solar cells too. “We carry the state-of-the-art technology. We might offer some solution to a client today and a different one next month if there is something new in the market”, Isabel Mengual says.


Aerothermy: energy from the air

Aerothermal heat pumps turn air into energy. As simple as that. Aerothermy is therefore a great renewable source. “These heat pumps, both for heating and cooling, have an energy consumption extremely lower than conventional ones”, Isabel Mengual explains. “We recommend installing this combined with solar panels. In houses connected to the electrical grid, the aerothermal heat pump consumption at nights or cloudy days is about a fifth of a regular air-con. That means about ten euros per month, or less. In houses with a whole system of batteries and energy managers the consumption for cold or heating air is just zero, for life”.

Lallar Alternative uses Ecoforest equipment for these installations.


Energy manager systems: the key to a higher efficiency

Energy management systems are a key factor to take energy efficiency to even a higher level. “Energy managers allow to use the surplus energy when there is no Sun, for example, or to accumulate cold or hot water in the house system to get the appropriate temperature at night, for example”, Isabel Mengual explains. “No energy is lost”.

Installation 1 Lallar Alternative Installation 2 Lallar Alternative


Biomass: heat from plants

Lallar Alternative also carries the newest models of stoves, both for pellets and wood. They offer free-standing pellet stoves for single rooms and also a ducted range that can heat different parts of a house. “We can also use pellets for a water heater, and therefore reuse a previous radiator system. And sometimes we can use this energy for hot water too. We try to find the best solution for every case”, the business owner says. “And we can go from adapting and trying to reuse what is already in a house to installing the latest models in a new building”.



Of course, more traditional wood stove and fireplaces are another option too, with more efficient versions available. Ecoforest, Ferlux, Ravelli, Jotul and Hergom are the main brands for their biomass installations. “We want what is good for our clients, and for the planet too”, Isabel Mengual concludes.


Lallar Alternative

Avda. Rei Joan Carles I, 6

C.C. La Teulera, Local 4 – Xaló (Alicante)

Phone: 605 26 46 23


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