La Villa Cube: Step Into The Mediterranean Vibes

If you’re seeking a place to unwind and eat the best gourmet tapas in a slow food concept ambiance, La Villa Cube in Moraira is just what you’re looking for.

Located in one of the most beautiful coastal towns on the Costa Blanca, Moraira, La Villa Cube exudes peace and elegance in a one-of-a-kind ambiance designed just for you to appreciate via your five senses.

The décor is relaxed and very chic, combining all the elements such as the cushions, furniture, and umbrellas full of color and a beach-like sensation to give the restaurant and terrace vivid energy and a Mediterranean inspiration that transports us to the unique atmosphere of the typical villages of the Mediterranean coast, giving us the best vibes with a spectacular dining experience from the best chefs.

La Villa Cube will really make you feel like you’ve stepped out of your daily routine and into the heart of Greece for a moment. Set in an airy open-plan setting that leads out onto an alfresco terrace. The tables and chairs are set in a blue and white hue that brings the island of Santorini to mind.

Their cuisine is a particular highlight, with delicious meats cooked to perfection like Pluma Iberica, Entraña, Duck Magret… innovative fresh fish recipes like Octopus Takoyaki, Crocante de mariscos variados or Norwegian Salmon and much more as this is a gastronomic experience you will wish to have time and again.

Their menus include high-quality gastro tapas and grill cuisine ideas from Chef Jay Bruson and assistant French chef Alain Ducasse, a “Top Chef” contestant. This is a genuinely magical mix for making dining here a true show.

We can’t forget to remark the attentive service offered by their expert and courteous team. Furthermore, at La Villa Cube, they are always ready to serve you with exclusive attention from their chefs, who ensure that you have the finest gourmet experience possible by coming to your table and ensuring that everything is just the way you like it.

We strongly recommend La Villa Cube because you will not only appreciate the incredible cuisine but will also feel exceptional in every way owing to their outstanding live music evenings for the next season.

As a result, wonderful times abound and are easier to find than you think when you dine out at La Villa Cube as a table for family, friends, or just the two of you on a romantic evening can all be obtained here in luxurious settings.

Chic, elegant and stylish is the environment La Villa Cube provides with their contemporary setting in which to enjoy their magnificent cuisine.

Make sure you try one of their signature cocktails as well.

A hidden gem in the town of Moraira with a romantic candle-lit outdoor setting for the evenings that adds a little magic to your dining experience.



Contact Details:

Address: Calle Saida, 2


Phone: +34643541633


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