La Falua; The perfect urban location for fine cuisine and best drinks in their lounge

In Benidorm, near the most famous beach, Poniente beach, we can find this real hidden gem that is La Falua.


As soon as you set foot in this restaurant, you can feel there is something out of the ordinary in the ambiance that makes it look great and cool. The decor mixes classic and modern elements very well and you can already anticipate what you are going to find in its cuisine; refined cuisine, well prepared, Mediterranean style, and touches of signature cuisine.






















At La Falua, everything you find is made with the freshest ingredients, always giving priority to the excellent local products to offer dishes of the highest quality including paellas and rice dishes, fish and famous seafood dishes in the area, spectacular meats such as Grilled Sirloin Steak with Sauce, Grilled Suckling Lamb Carpaccio... all from the accurate hand of the Chef Maria Teresa Carrasco.

























La Falua also offers an extensive wine list complete and well selected with good references that you will find the perfect wine to match the taste of their delicious dishes.






And to finalize your meal, what better than La Falua’s desserts that are a real delight? Taste Tiramisu, Three Chocolates Tear, Pineapple Crepe Stuffed with Mango or Mandarin Sorbet, you will get impressed with the taste of them all.























At La Falua they work closely to offer you a careful service, giving priority to the satisfaction of all their customers and offering you a new world of sensations and flavours where your palate will travel to the most innovative culinary creations or return to the most traditional ones with the distinctive touch of La Falua.

They also offer you the possibility to let your imagination run wild and elaborate some of your suggestions as they have a large number of different ingredients of the highest quality in raw materials.


For this reason, since 2007 when they opened, they have maintained high-quality standards and due to this, La Falua has established itself as one of the best avant-garde and modern restaurants in Benidorm.





Also at La Falua there is room for all your meetings either large events as they have a banquet hall with large capacity as meals for couples or smaller family groups. Fancy a bit of an evening out with friends? Well, at La Falua you will find the Lounge Café by Moet & Chandon for the best drinks on a super cool terrace with the most seductive urban views.






What are you waiting for to come? At Spain Life we recommend this excellent restaurant for being the perfect option for any plan you have in mind.



Contact details:


Calle Santander, 22, Benidorm – 03502

Telephone: 965 85 31 05; 609 14 28 21


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