La Casa della Pasta, Javea: So much more than delicious pasta!

Do you ever get a food craving you just have to satisfy? That yearning where your taste buds just start screaming out for a specific flavour or a certain style of food? Here at Spain Life Exclusive, we are all big fans of pasta, and nobody does fresh pasta better than our friends at La Casa della Pasta in Javea.


Fresh pasta is the ultimate comfort food, and finding a good restaurant to produce a flawless dish is a  ‘must do’ thing, if you love your pasta. However, not everyone is a pasta fan – and not all authentic Italian food revolves around pasta. So, if other members of the family are not as enthusiastic as you are, don’t worry, because they will be amply catered for too. La Casa della Pasta is about so much more than delicious pasta – it’s an adventure of discovery into how the Italians really eat. There’s more to their food than pizza, pasta and ice cream, although you won’t get better examples of these staple Italian favourites anywhere else!


La Casa della Pasta


From succulent meat dishes like grilled Galician beef entrecote with truffle butter, suckling beef with parma ham and sage, to seafood dishes like steamed mussels with tomato sauce, chilli, capers and olives, there is sure to be something to tempt your tastebuds. There is also a large selection of cold and hot appetisers, salads, risottos and vegetarian dishes. There really is something for everyone there.


Try to save room for dessert, like home-made ice cream with candied fruit and pistachios, or the Italian classic tiramisu. It’s a tough call, but it will be worth it. There are so many excellent dishes on the menu at La Casa della Pasta, you will be spoiled for choice. Still, there’s nothing to prevent you from returning, is there? And who knows, you may make converts, when your friends and family realise just how wonderful fresh pasta, made with passion, can taste!


La Casa della Pasta


One customer, who was a confirmed member of the ‘Pasta is a Disaster’ Brigade’ found herself at La Casa della Pasta for a family member’s birthday dinner. She took one bite of the salmon pasta dish and instantly changed her mind about pasta forever! giving the restaurant 5 stars on Tripadvisor, she said, ¨It was beautiful… Well done, Casa della Pasta, I´m now a converted pasta eater.¨ The lady is already planning her next visit, so she can experience all the other different options and flavours the restaurant has to offer. She’s now an enthusiastic member of the ‘Pasta is Perfect’ team!


La Casa della Pasta is open and happy to welcome you on their terrace. Due to popularity, please call ahead to reserve a table so you don’t miss out on their exclusively made fresh pasta and other signature dishes. With social distancing restrictions still in place, the restaurant cannot serve to full capacity at the moment. Check out their Facebook Page for the latest news and updates, and to reserve your table. Maybe we’ll see you there soon!


La Casa della Pasta


Contact Details:


Carretera del Cabo la Nao-Pla, 27
Javea 03730
Telephone: 966 46 13 47

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