La Bandideta: the spectacular Granadella Cove and all the essence of Xàbia


The Granadella Cove, with no doubt, is one of the most amazing and spectacular spots in Spain,  it was only missing a great beach bar. That is why in the summer of 2020 La Bandideta was born, the first little sister of Cala Bandida that step by step, thanks to word of mouth, has not stopped growing in all these months.

La Bandideta is a wonderful X on the map of Xàbia, a treasure worth finding, but also a strong commitment to flavour and special moments. The natural stone and wood oven, which gives its dishes so much personality, is one of the secrets of its success: the Xàbia pizzeta with prawns and stracciatella; the one with duck, cream and mozzarella; the Xàbia octopus in the wood oven with hummus; the wood-fired avocado with prawns, basil and our Bandideta sauce or the local octopus rice with artichokes and broccoli are just some examples of this.










Nature, relaxation, a perfect climate… and all the flavour of the best Mediterranean cuisine. This new proposal to enjoy a unique environment without filters completes its menu with delicious snacks that connect the visitor with the essence of Xàbia. Bravas bandidetas, Kentucky battered popcorn chicken, our double cheeseburger black Angus and bacon with cheddar cheese, cabbage salad, and bacon jam… and to drink delicious mojitos, natural juices, the Frozen special made by La Bandideta, Mmmmm….





If the weather is good, La Bandideta is undoubtedly the best option. Their positioning is very clear: #AbiertosConSol, every day from 10.30am to 5pm, and also at night during July and August!





Contact details:


Avenida Tío Catalá 37, 03738 Jávea. Alicante (España)

Telephone: +34 648 64 83 67



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