Is it now time to check your eyes with a test?

Good vision is a key factor for living a healthy, happy life. Our world is visible to us because we have the fortune of eyesight, rendering our eyes perhaps the most precious gift we have.


Our vision is also one of the most complex systems in our bodies, and yet most of us don’t give this amazing ability a second thought – until something goes wrong. The thing is the earlier we start looking after the health of our eyes, the better our chance of maintaining good vision throughout our lives. Vision problems can occur at any age, which is why regular eye examinations with an optometrist are important. Good vision isn’t just about seeing well, it’s about living well.


Having said that, and seeing that due to coronavirus lockdowns, less time outdoors and more time on screens is leading to significantly more people suffering from vision problems, especially myopia, it is a fact we need to take care of our eyes, not only by changing habits at home, especially if we are working remotely, but also going to the optometrist frequently to get the eye examinations.




If you are wondering where to do then we recommend Direkt Optik in Moraira as their friendly and professional team not only speaks your language so that you understand all the concepts related to the problem you might have, but they also take the time to do the eye examination, to give you an accurate diagnosis and so their team explains to you everything about your visual health.



A typical eye exam lasts between 40 – 60 minutes depending on age, family history, and use of contact lenses. They prioritize patient comfort and care, so examinations are conducted in a proper consulting room offering complete privacy. During the eye examination, they will fully assess the quality of your vision and will discuss the appropriate forms of correction, if required, encompassing a multitude of the spectacle lens and contact lens options.


Their 3 for 1 offer


Whether you have to wear glasses for the first time or you need to change your lenses, they have an amazing offer for you. Choose three pairs of complete prescription glasses and pay for only one! Check the details in the photo below:



Sounds good, right? Don’t wait any longer and make an appointment for your eye examination. Your vision may have suffered and you may not even have noticed it, don’t wait for symptoms to appear or your eyes to get more and more tired every day.


The Direk Optik team will be happy to assist you with anything you need, whether it’s your check-up, a new pair of glasses, or that cool new pair of sunglasses now that the good weather is coming.




Contact Details:

Address: Carretera Moraira- Calpe 122

Moraira – 03724 (Alicante)

Telephone: +34 965 745 989





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