Interview with José Rial, director of the AniCura Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital

AniCura Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital (HVMB) is one of the most specialised veterinary clinics in Spain. There you will find the best veterinary professionals in Alfaz del Pi, as well as the latest technologies and the most modern diagnostic tools. Dr. José Rial is the director and responsible for the traumatology, orthopaedics and neurosurgery service of this centre. We invite you to read an interview with this experienced veterinarian.


One of the outstanding services of the AniCura Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital is neurology and neurosurgery. What neurological diseases and neurosurgery are the most frequent?

I would highlight epilepsy and other diseases that occur with seizures. The most frequent neurosurgery is the decompression of herniated discs.


Do the diagnosis of these diseases and neurological injury surgery require advanced diagnostic devices and specialised equipment?

Yes, they do. Today, thanks to technical equipment, such as CT and magnetic resonance, especially high field magnetic resonance, the accuracy in diagnosis has greatly improved. In our centre we have a CT and in our associated centre, Neuroncovet, we have the only high field resonance machine in the southeast of Spain. In neurosurgery, a highly equipped operating room is essential, and also in a 24-hour open clinic. These surgeries should be performed in centres with intensive care service. And of course, the human team is essential. We have qualified veterinarians and well-trained assistants.


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Dr.Rial, let’s talk about the team of veterinarians and service assistants.

Apart from the usual surgeons, Íñigo Gilabert and myself, Sergio Ródenas, a veterinarian with European degree in neurology, collaborate with us. This allows us to perform complex neurological surgeries, such as cranial tumours and vertebral malformations. For the postoperative period rehabilitation is essential, for which we have a department of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, directed by the veterinarian Quina García. The team is completed by veterinarians and assistants who are in charge of hospitalised patients and intensive care. For the management of magnetic resonance we have a highly specialised technician, Óscar Blázquez, which allows us to get the most out of this technique.


Interview with José Rial, expert veterinay


If you want to know more about Dr. José Rial, how to prevent Leishmaniasis in dogs, how to take care of your pets and keep your cat hydrated in summer, visit AniCura Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital website and find them on social media.



AniCura Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital

Paseo Mitja Llegua, 17, Alfaz del Pi (Alicante), between Benidorm and Altea

Phone: +34 966 860 669


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