If You Want To Recover The Vitality Of Your Skin After The Summer Then Read This Beauty Advice From Iconic Beauty.

The summer months are usually synonymous with damage to the skin; long hours in the sun, chlorine, saltwater… It is a fact that photoprotection is already part of our skincare routine however during the summer the exposure is much greater and now it is the time to take of our skin to face winter at our best.


In this sense, domestic cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating care fall short of what is needed to restore vitality and fullness to the dermis.  So based on this it is when chemical peeling and all its benefits come into play.


DS Iconic Beauty, one of the most modern clinics on the Costa Blanca and offering the most avant-garde in aesthetics, had already told us about the benefits of this treatment at the end of winter (read here) and now they tell us why it is so beneficial to have another one at the end of the summer.






This effective treatment that DS Iconic Beauty offers exclusively is one of the most effective solutions to recover and rejuvenate the skin in the intermediate seasons (spring and autumn). It is a kind of medical exfoliation that removes dead cells from the dermis and promotes its regeneration.





There are many reasons to end the summer (for good) with a chemical peel. Here we wish to tell you all about them.


  • To even out the tone, eliminate or soften sunspots.
  • Deeply cleanse impurities to achieve a smoother and more homogeneous skin texture
  • Reduce wrinkles, scars, acne marks…
  • Restore skin radiance (face, neck, etc.).



Difference between exfoliation and peeling


Both have the same objective: the natural renewal of the skin that is gradually being lost over the years. This is why we get spots, lose hydration or get wrinkles. The way the skin is treated and its effectiveness are the two main differences between a peel and an exfoliation.


Anyone who has tried one of them will know perfectly well what the difference is since exfoliation (however deep it may be) and a professional peel are not the same things.


Exfoliation is a step in the home beauty routine that should be taken into account at least every 15 days. It is recommended to start from the age of twenty-five and it should be done with a product suitable for our skin type, otherwise, it can irritate our skin and achieve the opposite effect.





A chemical peel is a professional treatment that should only be carried out in the beauty salon by a specialized doctor. The doctor will determine which acid to use depending on the problem to be treated and the depth to be used (superficial, medium, or deep), its application in the doctor’s office is quick, simple, and painless and does not require anesthesia. As a general rule, a peeling treatment requires between two and four sessions spaced out over a period of weeks.


Although nowadays, peels can be carried out all year round, it is advisable to do it when we have stopped sun exposure and so on, following the indications of the medical professional.





Who is the ideal candidate for a peel?


Anyone over the age of twenty-five should consider the idea of having this medical treatment to prevent and recover the skin. It is not necessary to have a specific skin problem to be able to have a peel. That said, it is true that a chemical peel achieves truly amazing results when treating specific skin problems such as:





Open pores





If we have convinced you and you also want to undergo this regenerative treatment, remember to put yourself in the hands of aesthetic medicine professionals such as DS Iconic Beauty in the exclusive area of Alfaz del pi that offers its clients comprehensive services and perfect care in the area of ​​beauty and health.


They will study your skin and its condition after the summer period and nature and they will adapt the process to your case to get the most out of it and avoid any damage.


You can then reach winter with a radiant and rejuvenated face.





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