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Last November has been an active month from the scientific point of view for Dr. Octavio Cosín our expert on health matters as due to the fact that after the interruption of medical congresses and courses due to the pandemic he has seen autumn full of events.

We have written before about this excellent doctor but we wish to again bring you the relationship between Dr. Octavio Cosin and vascular health. The Delarra clinic where Dr. Cosin operates located in the area between Denia and Javea on the  Costa Blanca is highly specialized in the latest advances in medical treatments and cosmetic surgery and  Dr. Cosin has produced successful procedures and treatments for varicose vein problems on many occasions.

Dr. Octavio Cosin Sales is a vascular surgeon and interventional radiologist. He is responsible for the vascular area at Delarra Clinic. Thanks to his extensive training and specialization in the field of vascular medicine, he became the first in Spain to combine these two medical specialties so closely related to the diagnosis and treatment of circulatory problems.

All the treatments carried out by Dr. Octavio are minimally invasive allowing quick recovery time and always taking care of an essential aspect that they have at  Delarra clinic by always achieving the aesthetic result.

Thanks to all the advances and the state-of-the-art-technology, they manage to tackle all the vein issues and in addition, they manage to effectively eliminate such a common and unsightly problem as varicose veins.

As we mentioned above, last November 4-6 the XXXVI Congress of the SACAVA (Andalusian Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery) took place in Jaen where all types of pathologies were treated with special attention to aortic endovascular surgery, although there was no shortage of presentations of all types, both arterial and venous. There were guests of national and international renown as well as live surgeries being presented.

Dr. Octavio Cosín was invited by the organization as proctor and collaborator of the multinational MERIT VASCULAR to give a lecture workshop on the use of the Clarivein® catheter.

ClariVein catheter


In the lecture entitled: MECHANICAL-CHEMICAL ABLATION OF SAFFENAL SHAFTS OUTSIDE THE ORTHOPHERE. OWN EXPERIENCE, the doctor reminded the audience of the fundamentals of the use of the CLARIVEIN® device to replace conventional surgery performed in the operating room, which consists of extracting the saphenous vein.

Likewise, he reviewed his experience since 2014 with this device, which has allowed him to perform more than 1000 interventions and was able to transmit tricks, virtues and limitations of the device.

Dr. Cosín, emphasizes the disruptive concept provided by the new endovenous techniques for the treatment of thick varicose veins dependent on diseased saphenous veins, without the need to undergo surgery.


Another great contribution of minimally invasive techniques such as Clarivein® is that it has opened a door of hope to patients who previously, due to overweight, other debilitating diseases or age, were simply rejected for conventional surgery.


Subsequently, the VENOUS PATHOLOGY UPDATES organized by the SERVEI (Spanish Society of Vascular and Interventional Radiology) took place at the Aquarium of San Sebastian on November 11,12.

Dr. Cosín, was again invited by the organizing committee, as moderator of a round table, as well as to give a lecture on the treatment of venous ulcers. In it he insisted on the importance of attending to all aspects of venous ulcer care, but especially on minimally invasive treatment, in order to heal the ulcer and avoid recurrences.

In the lecture, they showed the main strategies to deal with the treatment of venous ulcers, both with sclerotherapy and with endovenous catheter techniques such as Flebogrif®, of which Dr. Cosín is also a trainer.


Some of the cases shown in this presentation were treated with Flebogrif® catheter and foam-guided echo-guided sclerotherapy.


After the round table moderated by Dr. Cosín, there was a surprise from the organizers and the management of the Donostia Aquarium. Some divers appeared behind the screen showing a poster with the SERVEI logo a clever way of getting the message across.


If you need advice on this subject, ask for your appointment at Delarra clinic today.

From the first consultation which is completely free of charge, they will advise you on the treatments that best suit your needs. For more information, please visit their website or find them on social media.



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