Hurry up: you can still buy your Christmas gifts in Montenegro jewellers store

Marilyn Monroe -and many others later, but who cares- sang 70 years ago about the diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration, although she had some reason. A jewel is always a good gift, because one of a good quality lasts forever. And it is a good legacy to leave your children. So if you are still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that person you love so much, go without delay to Montenegro Jewelry, in Dénia, where they will be happy to help you.


After almost 50 years working in the jewelery sector, in Montenegro they are experts in offering the product that best suits each client. In this way, they provide quality items, seriousness, guarantee and commitment. In 1976 they were awarded by the Spanish Diamond Committee, an award that certifies their prestige and experience in repair, modernization, renewal and selection of jewelry. In this way, Montenegro jewellers are the most suitable sellers to help you with that special piece you are looking for.




And what about your most requested products for this Christmas? Like every year, according to Montenegro jewellers, Pandora charms triumph through their customers to gracefully adorn necklaces and bracelets. The Pandora Christmas collection you can find in Montenegro ranges from an elegant little train divided into two parts and loaded with gifts, including a teddy bear hand painted with red enamel and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate, to pieces as wonderful as a Santa Claus mounted in a rocket -the future is now-. And, but of course, you can also find more classic charms, such as snowflakes inlaid with real blue crystals, a fairytale castle, a loving unicorn and the special 90th anniversary charm of Mickey Mouse in sterling silver and 14 carat gold.




If you prefer something more classic, among the best-selling in Montenegro are also Majorica pearls. About the most demanded jewels are the bracelets, such as the Cassiopeia. This bracelet is composed of nine pearls of different sizes and colors that bring luminosity and elegance to your wrist. Their rings are also very successful, created based on a central pearl, shiny or satin silver and zirconias.




Are you inspired to buy a wonderful gift for someone special? Do you want to give yourself an elegant whim to wear these holidays?

Do not forget to get the jewelry on trend this Christmas. Go now to the Montenegro jewellers store in 7 Carlos Sentí Street, in Dénia (Alicante).


You can also call them at +34 965 78 20 23 or write an email to


And if you want to see more products from its extensive and exclusive collection, consult its website:


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