How Your Home Styling in Fuengirola Goes Above and Beyond to Decorate Your Home

Based in Costa del Sol, Your Home Styling goes the extra mile to offer elegant and specially curated furniture packages to suit all tastes and price ranges. 


Your Home Styling in Costa del Sol is passionate about every detail that goes into creating an idyllic living space. Whether it’s decorating the interior of a flat, house or building, Your Home Styling believes that they have it down to a science. 

Its helpful and hands-on team will assist you every step of the way, literally. They’ll advise you on planning,  researching, coordinating, and manages enhancement projects and even the best way to present show flats.

Your Home Styling offers elegant Furniture Packages that embody the Nordic way of living. With a multilingual team at your service, Your Home Styling Costa del Sol is your go to interior decorator specialising in Nordic design in on the southern Spanish 

Here you will find elegant furniture in Nordic design, distinguished by its functionality, simple shapes and supreme quality of workmanship and materials. Find Nordic design classics such as beds from Living Bed, elegant bookcases, coffee tables and side tables, shelves, chairs and stools. You’ll also find hall furniture and beautiful storage baskets.

The team at Your Home Styling speaks Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, English, Spanish & German, which certainly comes in handy for all the many nationalities living at Costa del Sol. 


How the Company Came About

It’s safe to say that the origin story of Your Home Styling came about like none other. Founder Martin Rance started the company from his garage in 2019 with his girlfriend, just before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This presented an unusual circumstance, as well as a niche in the market. Many people from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden had bought holiday homes / second homes in Costa del Sol, and had no way of travelling to make the arrangements to decorate their homes. This is where Martin and his new venture stepped in. 

Starting a new business from scratch mid pandemic, Martin and Laura would visit people in their homes to offer a free consultation, and advise them on everything they could do to optimise their homes.  

Since day one, Your Home Styling has gone above and beyond for its clients. They’ll even go out of their way to find the perfect finishing touches off-hours, or visit your preferred store to find a particular item that you’re lusting for. In a sense, Your Home Styling is like your personal shopper for your home. 

Striving to find companies that supply Nordic design furniture for a mid-range price, Martin and Laura would go and fetch the keys from their lawyers in Costa del Sol, head over to the apartment or house, and do a full evaluation of what was needed. 

Every furniture package is completely personalised to adapt to the needs of each client, and they will go out and find anything that is not to the clients’ taste. They will even arrive at your door with the furniture, set it up for you, hang a painting if needs be, you name it. 

Thriving off of effective digital marketing and word of mouth, the company has only gone from strength to strength and is now one of the most highly-regarded interior designers in the Costa del Sol area. 

What had started out in Martin’s garage is now a showroom of 200 square metres, a warehouse, and a team of ten people that continues to grow. Martin believes that their success is all down to ethics, hard work, and the desire to deliver to people what it is they really need, as he gets true satisfaction from seeing his clients overjoyed with the result. 

Nordic Design 

Nordic design has been given a lot to talk about in recent times and it is not surprising, due to the great influence of the big brands that are dedicated to the sale of Nordic style furniture at popular and competitive prices. However, the Nordic design goes beyond this proposal and is clearly committed to functionality, aesthetics and the quality of the raw materials with which the furniture is made, all in accordance with the Scandinavian lifestyle.

It was back in 1954 that something called “Nordic design” was coined as a result of an exhibition of the same name. This exhibition toured the United States with the aim of raising awareness of the Nordic or Scandinavian lifestyle.

From the beginning of the 20th century until the middle of the century, the Scandinavian design underwent a transformation from traditional design to the design we know today. This change was the result of combining the traditional functionality, so highly valued by the Nordic people, with a new concept of style, integrating aesthetics as one of its values.


Furniture Packages 

Your Home Styling offers convenient furniture packages that are devised to help you save the hassle of choosing each individual element of the room. From sofas, coffee tables, lighting, wall hangings to soft furnishings, each element is chosen to complement each other. 

Your Home Styling’s philosophy is to provide its clients with personalised packages while still keeping the price down. Furniture packages are available in Nordic, Contemporary, Ethnic, and Japandi styles. It’s worth mentioning that they also do fabulous arrangements of outdoor furniture, which is handy to know as we swiftly approach the sunnier summer months.For example, take a look at these gorgeous bamboo sunbeds that they have available from Tine K Home, in white, pale grey or dark grey. 










Martin Rance, with Laura and their son Ragnar


You can find the following luxury Nordic brands at Your Home Styling: 

House Nordic, Bolia, Tine K Home, PTMD, Living Bed, Viva Madera, Riviera Maison, Eva Solo – Furniture, Design By Us, LDK Garden, Lifestyle Garden, and many more here


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Centro Nordico, Local 15, 

Mijas, 29650 Spain

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