How to make your wedding day exactly as you always imagined it would be.

“Will you marry me? Hearing these three words – and that euphoric “I do” in response – has surely been one of the most special and unforgettable moments in your relationship. And of course, it will not be the only one that is for sure. Well once this is all done then it’s time to start the wedding preparations which are always a lot to organize so exactly where do we start and what steps are there to follow?




If you have these thoughts and any doubts then do not worry as we have the solution for you as we have recently spoken to the wedding planner GiDo Weddings a specialist company in designing bespoke and totally personalized weddings, and we are going to share with you their tips and three first steps to take to organize your wedding in an organized way and with common sense.




So let us talk about GiDo Weddings and explain all about them as we here at Spain life have been dealing with weddings for over a year now in finding out the best people to choose here in the Costa Blanca and therefore we have just come across this company specializing in wedding planning that works to design a tailor-made wedding for you, as they have extensive experience in the sector and extensive knowledge to be able to offer you all kinds of original and different proposals, as anything that crosses your mind will be possible with them.




Amber and Dolly are the creators of this beautiful project with which they have been making the dreams of many couples come true. They will accompany you during the whole process of planning, organization, and coordination to make this your special day.




As we have said above the difficult thing is to find a company that really personalizes your day, well this is exactly what makes GiDo Weddings different, they prefer not to work with predetermined packages in order to adapt to each couple and they personalize their work so that you can enjoy the day you always imagined.




GiDo Weddings is now based in Denia and concentrating a little more on the wonderful Northern Costa Blanca. Previously they were based in Alicante where they offered their services more in the southern area, but now although they continue to cover this area they have moved to Denia to focus with a lot of excellent venues available to them in the North of the region and to focus on producing the best weddings there is.




Organizing YOUR day


The role of a wedding planner is relatively new in Spain and although the truth is that we have many good professionals in the sector, not all of them meet the needs of all the couples who are about the enter the biggest day of their lives.



First of all, let’s define what exactly a wedding planner is and how important their role is in the organization of what will be one of the most beautiful and meaningful days they will ever have.



A Wedding Planner is someone who advises and helps you with the design, organisation, and planning of your wedding, respecting your style and the needs of each couple. She is also someone to whom you can delegate all aspects of your wedding.






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The main task of a Wedding Planner is to know how to listen, understand what wedding you want, and guide you along to make it happen. Therefore even if you have many different ideas or want something that is not easy, the job of a Wedding Planner is to “unravel” that information and make a custom wedding work for you from the beginning.






So as we have mentioned above, GiDo Weddings gives us some tips today on how to start organizing this important day.




Start by making a provisional list of your wedding guests and “think about when, where and how you would like to celebrate the wedding”, recommends GiDo. That is, choose a possible date or tentative dates; whether it will be a morning or afternoon wedding; where you would like to celebrate it (in a country estate, an urban wedding in a hotel, in the family village, a destination wedding somewhere special, etc.); and whether it will be a black-tie wedding or a more informal one. All the details you want to write down will serve to give you an outline of your wedding.





If, for example, “you want to celebrate the wedding less than nine months away, you will have to get down to work to find the space or property available for the day you want”, which is undoubtedly the most complicated piece of the puzzle to fit in, especially if you are thinking of a summer wedding and with so little time to organize it. In this case, being flexible in terms of date and venue will be fundamental. However, if the idea is to get married next year, “you can take your time when looking for a venue and date”, bearing in mind that the summer dates are the most popular.




But it is not only the place where you will celebrate the wedding party that is important to book but also the church (remember that there are parishes in high demand, some even with a waiting list) and/or town hall (if the ceremony will not be on the same property) where you want to get married. It is best to start the paperwork as soon as possible, as the bureaucracy is not always the same as ours.



How do you imagine your wedding?






Maybe an intimate wedding in bohemian style is in your mind or industrial or vintage style… A beach wedding at sunset, Ibiza style or more of a tropical atmosphere. Maybe a classic wedding with lots of guests under a beautiful tent or a hipster outdoor wedding, or break all protocol by having a picnic wedding. I’m sure this is something you’ve talked about before, but it’s now time to finally compile all those ideas you have for your wedding.




Defining the style of the wedding you would like to have,” says GiDo Weddings, “is a very important exercise, as it will not only help to define the decoration but also the most suitable venue, taking into account the options it offers in terms of seating capacity, aesthetics, outdoor spaces, halls and other areas for the celebration, type of catering and so on”.



The most important and complicated aspects of a wedding have already been decided: date, venue and guest list (let’s not forget about them, who came in the first step and knowing how many guests you will have will help you to define the capacity, space, and budget, for example).




Now it’s time to start looking for all the suppliers that will help you shape the wedding so that you have the most beautiful memories of your big day. There is no order of preference here, although many brides have already prioritized the search for their dress. Even so, GiDo Weddings recommends continuing with the choice of the wedding photographer and videographer who are usually the most sought-after professionals and who, due to the way they work on an exclusive basis, have the most limited available dates.







At Spain Life we highly recommend GiDo Weddings as their extensive experience in creating dream weddings both in Spain and in many parts of Europe such as Greece and the UK gives them confidence that allows you to enjoy your day and know for sure that everything will go as you want it to.



GiDo will be with you from the beginning to the end, they will also like to stay until the last dance for the simple reason of making sure that everything goes exactly as you want it to. They are in charge of coordinating everything and being by your side from very early in the morning. Their services areas we have already said totally personalized and they make sure that your smile is present at all times.



Their lovely team speaks different languages such as English, Spanish or even Lithuanian and will make you feel from the first moment as the protagonist of the most beautiful love story.







Their contact details are below in case you need more information about what they can do for you.






Contact Details:

Phone: +34 654 81 3024

+44 798 35 68 814






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