How to live with chronic pain: Rehabilitation and treatment

Do you suffer from chronic pain? If your pain causes you problems, rehabilitation is one of the best ways to restore your quality of life. We tell you what this treatment consists of.


Chronic pain is a continuous pain that a person suffers in the long term. It can last for months and even years, and often reduces the patient’s quality of life. This pain can be suffered in muscles, bones, tendons and joints. However, this pain can be treated and reduced in specialised clinics. For this, the specialist doctors conduct a detailed investigation to set the most appropriate rehabilitation program for each case.


The treatment of chronic pain

The pain rehabilitation program is tailored for each patient. At Medifit Reha international rehabilitation centre the patients have doctors, psychologists, therapists, physiotherapists and neurologists at their service, who together determine the objectives to be achieved. In this way, the team develops a carefully coordinated treatment plan that adapts to the patient’s wishes and needs. For this, the severity of the medical condition, the possibilities and the observations of the experts must be taken into account.


In Medifit Reha they offer a complete rehabilitation program for chronic pain, being able to hospitalise the patient or provide an outpatient treatment. During treatment, patients achieve these results:


  • Patients learn to perform their daily activities effectively, living with pain.
  • They get information about the different aspects of pain, so they can understand better their own feelings and ailments.
  • They learn to accept what can be done, what cannot be done and how to deal with chronic pain.
  • Also, they discover how to relax and plan their activities.
  • They reduce their daily disturbances by improving their muscular strength and endurance, among other benefits.


Chronic pain rehabilitation treatment


The treatment can reduce pain sensitivity and boost the patient’s energy. In addition, if you choose Medift Reha for your chronic pain rehabilitation treatment, they are based in Spain, in the Costa Blanca, where you can enjoy a pleasant weather throughout the year, a quiet environment, a beautiful surroundings and fantastic food.


What can you expect from chronic pain rehabilitation treatment

If you suffer from chronic pain that entails limitations and you want to learn how to handle them, you should go to Medif Reha to find the best solution for you. You will need an open mind and the will to make changes in your life. The treatment will help you improve your quality of life and suffer less pain.


If you suffer from chronic pain, look for a solution today. Medifit Reha works with all health insurers so you can receive the best possible treatment. In addition, they handle all paperwork and administrative procedures so you don’t have to worry about these things. Do you want to know if you are eligible for a rehabilitation program? Get in touch with Medifit Reha experts today and get back the reins of your life.


In addition, in their clinics you will find complete services and treatments for geriatric rehabilitation, physiotherapy, rehabilitation of serious injuries and rehabilitation after an amputation, among many other highly effective treatments. In addition, they have two extensive facilities of more than 3,000 square meters with three rehabilitation gyms, a swimming pool and eight apartments and 24 rooms for inpatients who need 24 hours of care with a nurse. For more information, please visit their website or find them on social media.



Medifit Reha

Teulada clinic: Carretera Moraira-Benitachel, 22, Teulada – 03724 (Alicante)

Benidom clinic: Avenida Alfonso Puchades, 8, Benidorm – 03501 (Alicante)

Phone: +34 966 495 448

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