How to Keep Your ‘Tiny Pets’ Cool in the Summer Heat

guineasYes, even our little furry four legged friends are feeling the heat this summer.

When we think of hot summer months combined with Pets, we automatically think of our Dogs. But what about our pocket-sized pets?

Most of Spain has been dealing with temperatures soaring into the mid 30’s and upwards, so it’s not surprising our little ‘critter’ pets are lacking in energy and feeling the heat the same as we are. So here’s a little tip from me to take some of that sizzling heat off in an instant.

First and foremost, keep them out of direct sunlight. A super COOL way to keep your tiny pets happy is to use refrigerated tiles. Any type of stone floor tile will do. Leave a couple in your fridge overnight, and then place them in the bottom of your pets hutch the next day. I purposely chose unpainted ceramic tiles as they are unlikely to be chewed and they also act as a perfect scratching area to file their nails.

And that’s it!

Happy owner, but most importantly… happy COOL critters.

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