How to get the NIE number in Spain

What the NIE number is? Do I need it? Today we speak with the notary Francisco Belda Montesinos about this important document for foreigners who need to interact with the Spanish Public Administration.


The NIE number or “Número de Identificación de Extranjeros” (Foreigner’s Identification Number), as its own name indicates, is an alphanumeric sequence that identifies a foreign citizen in Spain in the presence of the authorities. Often confused with other concepts, such as the residence card or the stay visa, the NIE is a number assigned to the person who needs to relate to the Spanish Public Administration for professional, economic or personal reasons.


Most of the economic or administrative procedures in Spain, such as opening a bank account, forming part of a company or buying a property, must be obligatorily informed to the public administration. For this it is essential that the interested party has an NIE number. In case of buying a house it is an essential procedure the prior obtaining of the NIE, as its possession is mandatory to pay taxes. These taxes have to be paid one month from the date of signing the notarial deed of purchase. In case of not having an NIE at the time of signing and provided that it is necessary to sign it for reasons of urgency, the buyer must obtain an NIE number within a maximum period of one month. Otherwise the buyer will be sanctioned with a fine for late payment of taxes.


What are the procedures to obtain the NIE number in Spain?

The way to obtain a NIE number is relatively simple. First, the foreigner must request an appointment to obtain this document. This request can be made through the government’s official website. At the appointment, the interested party must present the following documentation:


  • Verification of the appointment.
  • Application form in the official model (EX-15) in duplicate, duly completed and signed by the foreigner.
  • Copy of the complete passport, travel title or registration card, or even the identity document if the foreigner is a citizen of the European Union.
  • Communication of the economic, professional or social causes that justify the request.
  • Model rate 790 (Cod. 012) paid at any bank. The form can be downloaded and completed in this link.


How a notary can help you


The NIE number may also be obtained at the Spanish consular offices in the country of residence of the foreign citizen. It is interesting to highlight that in the province of Alicante there is currently very little availability of appointments to obtain NIE number. For this reason, it is advisable to be proactive and to request the appointment in advance or to process it previously in the corresponding consular office.


A solution to that problem, which facilitates and simplifies the obtaining of NIE number, is to use the services of counsellor or lawyer, such as “A NIE Number” specialists, whose data can be found here. In order to do this, the professional must be provided with these documents:


  • An authenticated copy of the identity document or passport. It should be noted that only the identity documents of countries belonging to the European Union are accepted. In all other cases, a copy of the passport must be provided. In both cases the document must be in effect, otherwise the NIE number is not issued.
  • A power of attorney for obtaining NIE number. This power must be legalised, that is, it must incorporate the The Hague Apostille.


Finally, it is interesting to emphasise that the possession of a NIE number is not the same as the census registration in the Spanish Tax Agency, a requirement also necessary for administrative procedures, such as buying a property. This procedure may be carried out by social collaborator on their behalf or by appointment at the offices of the Tax Agency.


If you have any questions or want to consult something with the notary Francisco Belda Montesinos, please visit his website and find his notary on social media. Again, we would like to thank him for his collaboration in the preparation of these informative articles.


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