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You would be surprised by the number of patients who come to the clinic to find out about gynecomastia surgery in Alicante. The term gynecomastia literally means a woman’s breasts, it is interpreted as an increase in the size of the mammary gland in men.


Do you want to know what gynecomastia surgery is like in Alicante with Dr. Solesio? Let us tell you about the whole procedure, step by step.


 What is gynecomastia in men?

We will be guiding you through the process of gynecomastia surgery in Alicante, but first we must understand what exactly it is that we are dealing with. Gynecomastia is an anomaly that produces a deformity that tends to cause psychological alterations in the patient. The objective of a gynecomastia surgery at Solesio clinic is to achieve a normal appearance of the male chest (without the presence of breasts), with the least possible scarring.

Gynecomastia can affect one or both breasts. Although the cause in most cases is unknown, certain medications or drugs as well as some hormonal disorders can trigger it. The majority of patients who present this physical alteration end up undergoing gynecomastia surgery. However, it is necessary to carefully assess each patient’s case before considering gynecomastia surgery. There are cases in which it can be treated without plastic surgery.


Types of gynecomastia

The surgical technique chosen to treat gynecomastia in Alicante will depend mainly on the degree of gynecomastia, and the distribution and proportion of the various components. The appearance of gynecomastia in men can be present in two ways:


  • Fat accumulation in the patient’s chest area.
  • Excessive growth of the male mammary glands.


When the patient arrives at our consultation looking for this type of procedure, just as it would happen with any other type of treatment or surgery, Dr. Solesio analyzes the characteristics of the patient and assesses if he is the right type of patient for this type of surgery. In the first consultations at Solesio Clinic, a thorough preoperative study will be carried out.




Gynecomastia surgery in Alicante

After evaluating the complementary imaging tests, Dr. Solesio will recommend a specific technique of gynecomastia surgery in Alicante. In the case in which the patient presents excess tissue, both breast and fat, gynecomastia surgery will involve performing a partial removal of the mammary gland that is located in a retro areolar position. The gynecomastia surgery scar will be at the lower side of the areola.

In the case of pseudo gynecomastia (accumulation of fat located in the breast area), the most satisfactory result will be obtained through liposuction surgery.

Typically, a small incision is made on each side of the chest near the armpit, usually less than 3 millimeters long, through which a liposuction cannula is inserted in gynecomastia surgery. Sometimes it is necessary to complement this technique with a small incision in the lower half of the areola to extract the mammary gland.

Gynecomastia surgery in Alicante is performed under general anesthesia and lasts between 1 and 2 hours. Hospitalization time is normally 6 to 24 hours.



Gynecomastia surgery: the postoperative period

 Once the gynecomastia surgery is finished and the patient is discharged from the hospital, postoperative recommendations will be given to relieve discomfort and avoid infections. Among them, patients of gynecomastia surgery are advised to:

Rest on their back and try to stay put in the bed, sofa or armchair.

During the first two or three days after gynecomastia surgery, it is possible to experience discomfort and inflammation in the area operated on. It is essential to keep the arms at rest.

The elbows should be as close to the body as possible, although it is advisable to gently move the back and shoulders in order to avoid back pain.

Receive support from family or friends for the first few days to avoid forcing recovery.

Not to smoke after gynecomastia surgery.

Avoid intense physical efforts.

Walk from the first day in order to reduce inflammation as quickly as possible and promote lymphatic drainage.

Maintain the bandage until the first postoperative review.



 Gynecomastia Surgery at Solesio Clinic

The results of gynecomastia surgery are permanent. The level of patient satisfaction is very high because the level of motivation to undergo the surgery usually is too.

The gynecomastia surgery patient in Alicante feels enormous relief upon recovering a harmonic silhouette, which will allow him to show off his body without shame. Facing activities such as enjoying the beach or the pool, playing sports, or going to the gym will no longer be a problem.

Gynecomastia surgery at Solesio Clinic, which is performed by a plastic surgeon specializing in gynecomastia, is a completely safe procedure. It provides the patient with clear improvements in the appearance of his chest. Gynecomastia surgery transforms a chest with feminine characteristics into a flat and firm chest with a masculine shape.

Doctor Solesio is a specialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, with more than 15 years of experience. He will inform you about gynecomastia surgery in Alicante and will clarify all the doubts that may arise. Get in touch with us through our online diagnosis and request all the information you need!



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