How can Poquet y Asociados help with legal matters in lock-down?

Just because the borders are closed in Spain due to the Covid-19 outbreak, it doesn’t mean your dream of owning a property in the sun is on hold. The legal team at Poquet y Asociados in Teulada told Spain Life Exclusive that there are several services they and other Spanish lawyers can offer to keep your business interests progressing smoothly, whether you are resident in Spain or not. Some are obvious, others may surprise you.


Power of Attorney


If you have a legal transaction in Spain that’s ready to sign, but you’re not here to do so, consider granting Power of Attorney to your Spanish legal representatives.  They are in contact with foreign and Spanish Notaries, so Power of Attorney allows them to do everything in your name, thus avoiding delays. This can be particularly useful for property transfers and inheritances.


New build or reformed building title deeds


If you are building a new property, or extending your current home, you may need to register the new or reformed building at the Land Registry and the Cadastral Office. In Spain, the Cadastral Office is where you must register the measurements, boundaries and physical description. This ensures the build or extension matches the dimensions stated in the Escritura (property deed).


Poquet y Asociados will check all the paperwork needed to  prepare the New Building Title Deeds for the Notary, complete tax forms, ensure the payment of taxes, and register the Title Deeds correctly at the Land Registry and Cadastral Offices. This guarantees the build is legal, and there will be no problems with future transfers of the property.


Poquet y Asociados


Fiscal and tax representation for non-residents


If you have non-resident status in Spain and own an urban property here, you are liable for Non-Resident Income Tax. Poquet y Asociados can prepare the appropriate annual form for Non-Residents (Mod. 210). You have until the end of the year to submit the tax declaration, but your legal representatives need to know if you wish them to perform this service, as it takes time to organise the necessary paperwork to prepare the form for you.


Postal Service


This service is recommended for clients who don’t spend the whole year here in Spain.  That can make it difficult to stay up to date with post from utility companies, and communications from the town hall and other government departments. Poquet y Asociados will take delivery of all your mail and, with your permission, they will open it, scan it, and e-mail it to you each month. This helps you keep control of your budget and monitor your regular payments. You may not realise that your legal representatives can perform this useful service for you, and not all companies will, so be sure to check on this.


Poquet y Asociados


Making a Spanish Will


Make life easy on yourself by making a will for your assets in Spain, thus avoiding future problems in matters of inheritance. The cost of making a will varies according to the type you need for your specific situation. Inheritance laws can vary from country to country. Having a separate Spanish will for your Spanish assets will streamline the inheritance process when the time comes.


Your Spanish legal representatives can offer a variety of services, so why not ask what they can do to help make your time in Spain simpler and less stressful? If you are local to Teulada, contact Poquet y Asociados and see what they can do to ease the burden of Spanish bureaucracy,  and give you more time to enjoy life in the Spanish  sun. You will be surprised how much they can help.


Poquet y Asociados

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