Hogarguti´s vision…RAK kitchen is for the future kitchen

How many times have you tried to imagine what your life will be in the future? Flying cars, strange clothes, automatic houses… The truth is that no one knows exactly. However, at least as far as concerns the kitchen evolution, Hogarguti brought the future today… with RAK!

RAK is a revolutionary idea that will change completely the way you see your kitchen! Made of high-quality materials, combined with an excellent design it will make your kitchen your favourite place in your house.



What is Rak?

But what is Rak? Try to imagine a common ceramic kitchen bench, with all the known features, such as durability luxury and practicality. Then see your common stove that takes so much space in your kitchen… make a wish to see that ugly equipment disappear, well this is RAK.



At RAK the induction hobs are hidden inside the material of the bench giving you an amazing aesthetic effect, more space, more practicality and higher levels of hygiene.


For every use



Furthermore, Rak is easy to clean, so you will be able to change the use of this every time you need. From a stylish working place can easily be transformed into a cosy table for long discussions with your loved ones or to a small gastronomy lab. The perfect solution for smaller spaces or lofts designs. So, the next time you look to create your next gastronomic masterpiece or just your next meal, RAK is the only thing you will need!


Just see it


But it is so difficult to try to describe a big idea with few words… That’s why Hogarguti gave a successful event for all of you who want to see this revolutionary product in action.


©Image Periódico Canfali



Many customers were gathered to know more details about this innovative product and when the chef Pep Romany, from the Pont Sec Restaurant, started to cook with Hogarguti’ s RAK was a thrilling moment.



Of course, the famous chef received many questions about his experience using RAK and he answered all of the people´s questions.



But no need to worry if you couldn’t be present at this amazing event… You can see the revolutionary RAK in the following video.




So if you would like  a small taste about  how the future will be… you can trust Hogarguti’s vision…RAK! You can see RAK in person in Hogarguti´s facilities in Denia.



C / Pedreguer, 18, Denia – 03700 (Alicante)

Phones: +34 966 435 301 and +34 654 061 700






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