Hogarguti presents the Kommerling window system to improve your home

Spain is a country that loves lots of noise, but once you are at home after a busy day at work, you may prefer to be quiet with your family. Another thing to consider is that most Spanish builds are made to be cool in summer, but not necessarily warm in winter. So the right type of windows can keep out noise, and ensure your home is well insulated.


At Hogarguti, they believe that the Kommerling PVC window system can do this for you. This well-known German company manufactures over 20 per cent of all window systems fitted in Europe today, and their quality is second to none. With more colours to choose from than any other window company, and a 20 year colourfast guarantee to ensure your window frames never lose their colour, this is a quality product which Hogarguti are happy to provide for you to enhance your home and add value.




Industry experts agree that a reduction of 10dB in sound density reduce noise sensation – that’s how it affects you and your family – by half. Normally, aluminium windows reduce sound density by 24dB, but  Kommerling Elite windows provide a market-leading  reduction  of up to 48dB. The superior glass quality, acoustic behaviour and absence of air leaks means the air permeability classification is Class 4. This means your windows not only keep out sound, they also prevent water ingress and are more secure against forced entry, so burglars will have a tough time breaking in.


Kommerling windows are finished with high inertia galvanised steel reinforcement. That may not mean much to you as a lay person, but it serves to create an extra air chamber, thus strengthening the structure and also increasing insulation.


As well as being manufactured to the highest standards, Kommerling window systems also look good, with their slim, straight lines and refined line of site. It’s a perfect blend of aesthetics and energy efficiency, and the units can be configured to suit your requirements, whether you are replacing existing windows or creating light space in a new build.



As if all that wasn’t enough to convince you that Kommerling windows are the best you can buy, they are also environmentally friendly. Made entirely from recyclable materials and 100% lead free, these stunning units are easy on the eye and kind to the planet as well. And because they are energy efficient, you’ll see a pleasing reduction in electricity consumption.


Get in touch with Paco or one of the experienced team at Hogarguti to discuss your window requirements. They will come up with a tailor-made, cost-effective solution to enhance the comfort and security of your home and add to its value. Contact details are listed below.




Contact Details:


C / Pedreguer, 18, Denia – 03700 (Alicante)

Telephones: 966 435 301 and 654 061 700





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