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Hogarguti is helping put heart into your home

At Hogarguti of Denia, style and functionality combine to create homes with heart that are the backdrop for enjoyment, relaxation and a life worth living.

Hogarguti Denia

The past 6 months have been difficult for everyone and it is more apparent now than ever before the importance of your home being a place of solace, comfort, and efficiency. As daily life has become more focused on at-home living, having a space that is well-suited to your personal needs is a not only a convenience but a necessity.


At Hogarguti of Denia, style and functionality combine to create homes with heart that are the backdrop for enjoyment, relaxation and a life worth living. From fully customized kitchens that would leave any chef green with envy to chic bathrooms that might have you thinking you made a wrong turn out of your bedroom and ended up in a world class spa, your home design dreams are closer than you think.



The centrepiece of every home is the kitchen and no culture knows that more than the Spanish. And a flawless tortilla de patata or a refreshing gazpacho during summer’s hot months simply tastes better when cooked in a kitchen you are happy and proud to be in. Is your ideal kitchen a modern classic with hint of rustic charm or more of a sleek and chic no fuss design? The beauty of a customised kitchen is you, with the help of Hogarguti´s expert design team, can truly reflect your personal taste down to every inch of counter top and fixture.






The bathroom is one area of the home too often dismissed from a design perspective. What elevates a bathroom from a simple room of necessity to a haven of pampering? The answer: functionality, style and design. Your self-care routine should be a time of peace. A bath can become a meditation when taken in an oversized soaking tub and a shower is suddenly a renewing ritual when surrounded by stainless steel fixtures and a seamless glass divider that appears to floating in the space. Even with all the stresses of the world swirling around, allow your bathroom to become a place to refresh and start again clean, in both body and mind.





The modern home is now fulfilling more needs such as an office, school, gym, and relaxation space. Ideally it would be possible to have a designated area for each of these activities but this is not always an option. Clutter in a home is distracting and can harm productivity, so it’s vital to use spaces wisely and the easiest way to achieve that is through deliberate storage options. The ability to conveniently hide away the bits and pieces of everyday life into a custom cabinet or closet and have a clean slate in your living areas can add freedom and versatility, not to mention design points, to your home.



Home is where the heart is, and you and you family deserve for that heart to be a beautiful and functional expression. of your personality. Visit or call Hogarguti and allow them to help you turn your house into a custom dream home and make you feel like there is no place you´d rather be. For more information, please visit their website (clickable) or follow them on social media.


C / Pedreguer, 18, Denia – 03700 (Alicante)
Phones: +34 966 435 301 and +34 654 061 700
Email: emiden@hogarguti.com
Website: hogarguti.com
Facebook: facebook.com/hogargutidenia
Instagram: instagram.com/hogarguti


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