Heidi Gubbins Interior Design – Our New Co-Sponsor of Spain Life Exclusive

To mark the occasion, we’d like to look back at the life and projects of this prominent Marbella-based interior designer. 

With such a special and unique approach to luxury interior design, we couldn’t be more excited to announce Heidi Gubbins Interior Design as a new co-sponsor of Spain Life Exclusive.

With an innate eye for detail and contrasting elements, Heidi’s approach is to provide her clients with a holistic and relentless service, paying high attention to detail, from concept, to design, to the installation of each project.


An Atelier Approach to Design in Marbella

Heidi Gubbins is backed up by a fantastic team of professionals behind her, as each member is more creative, skilled, and efficient than the last. United by their calling, this has led to not only a close-knit bond between colleagues, but they’re also like a well-oiled machine working in perfect harmony to achieve the desired result. 

Heidi Gubbins is a renowned interior designer in Marbella who also has a strong presence in Sotogrande. Her knowledge and years of experience in small projects, show homes as well as luxury and high-end properties, make her a professional who stands out for her tireless service, professionalism, and creativity. Heidi Gubbins’ portfolio includes projects in Spain, the United Kingdom, and Miami. Now a force to be reckoned with on the Marbella scene, she is a versatile designer and has an innate eye for style, giving each space a unique touch.


Throughout her career, Heidi ceaselessly searches for new ideas and to discover new pieces, materials and finishes, is inspired by nature, and mixes contemporary lines and vintage touches. She breathes elegance, dynamics, and contrast into her projects, and she always strives for her designs to emanate harmony and well-being. 

Early Beginnings 

Having arrived in Europe from Peru at a young age, Heidi has a varied cultural background which lends her a keen eye and distinctive taste when it comes to design. 

Having lived in both Portugal and Spain, she likes to see how different countries approach to design, for example, the way the light bounces off the buildings. She also attends design fairs in Milan from time to time to get inspiration and see what other designers are doing. 

Having gone on to study design in Barcelona, she believes in a more organic approach to becoming a designer and strives to interpret this in her projects. As a highly sought-after designer, Heidi provides her clients with a holistic and relentless service, paying high attention to detail, from concept, to design, to the installation of each project.

Granada Project – Bongo 

For this project, Bongo Restaurant in Granada, Heidi was asked to completely transform the interior of the restaurant, following the brief to create a space that was totally unique to the area. 

Heidi and her team designed a floor-to-ceiling 4,5 mt high bar that extends onto the mezzanine level, integrating the two spaces and making the bar feel wider and more expansive. They used wood and metal with a corroded finish as the backdrop and then diffused lighting effects to enhance the textures. 

As Bongo is also a place where musical performances are held, Heidi decided to implement a fusion of elegance and drama, causing the guests to feel curiosity, intrigue, and excitement.

Exterior Projects 

Whilst keeping aesthetics, functionality, and detail in harmony in check, Heidi enjoys playing with cutting-edge elements as well as soft textures. With a skilled team behind her, Heidi carries out all kinds of projects to adapt your outdoor living space to make it a more pleasant place, taking care of both aesthetics and functionality so that your guests will always be delighted to be invited over. 

Taking an example from the “Deep Access” project pictured below. In terms of inspiration, the goal was to “create a transcendental space where earthy neutral tones create a palette for solid materials and furniture pieces whose stylish masculine feel is balanced by the juxtaposition of intricate design details”. 

Services Provided by Heidi Gubbins Interior Design

  • Residential Interior Design
  • Commercial Interior Design
  • Refurbishment & Renovations
  • Architecture
  • Show Homes
  • Digital Home Staging
  • Project Consultation & Planning
  • Bespoke Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Landscaping
  • Soft furnishings
  • Art
  • Accessories
  • Cad Drawings
  • 3D Renderings


For the future, Heidi expresses her excitement to share more content with us thought-pieces and project reels to give our readers a more detailed look-inside how we create an interior and how design flows. We can’t wait to see some of the exciting upcoming projects that Heidi will be sharing with us soon. 


Address: Marbella Real 20, Av. Bulevar Principe Alfonso de Hohenlohe

29602, Marbella, Spain

Phone: +34 653 561 867


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