Have you eaten too much during the holidays? Take care of your teeth at Alvarado Dental Clinic

At Christmas we usually abuse food. Company meetings, dinners with friends, family meals… But after the holidays it’s time to go back to the routine and start taking proper care of our teeth. Alvarado Dental Clinic offers treatments and professionalism from one of the main streets of the city of Valencia.


In Christmas people have eaten more than usual. Do you think we need to take special care of our teeth at this time?

We always have to take care of our teeth since they will accompany us for the rest of our lives. But is important to take care of them especially on dates when people usually eat and drink more than usual. It is better to pay them a little more attention. Our recommendation is to have a dental check-up and a cleaning in January and leave the next revision scheduled for six months. In this way we will avoid major problems.


Is there any special treatment that you recommend?

What we recommend to everyone without exception is to have a lot of hygiene. Brush your teeth thoroughly at least three times a day, use dental floss, interproximal brushes, irrigator, etc. We do not have a standard treatment to recommend in general, because every patient is totaly different and has a individual needs. It is true that, in addition to daily hygiene, we recommend everyone a hygiene treatment in the clinic at least once a year and one or two reviews, also depending on the problems that each one has.




What is the most common dental problem that you treat in your patients after Christmas?

Well, the normal thing in these dates is to treat patients who have broken a tooth by eating something hard, cavities, gum inflammation, etc.


Do you have any advice you give especially to take care of our teeth after these binges?

The advice remains the same: a lot of hygiene, especially after having eaten candy.


Why go to Alvarado Dental Clinic instead of other dentists? What makes you different?

Alvarado Dental Clinic is different and as soon as you enter in the facilities you realize that. For us, each patient is unique and that is how we make him feel. In addition to the wide range of treatments we can offer, our difference is marked by Dr. Alvarado’s implant treatment, which does not need bone grafting or breast lift in any case. He performs it without the need for sutures and ends it within a maximum period of 10 days, already with the definitive prosthesis.



Is there any news that you are going to implement for the year 2019?

Well, yes, we have several new features for this 2019 ,but we can not anticipate anything because, well, sometimes the bureaucracy is slow and we have to have a little patience. Of course, what we can say is that they are novelties that will undoubtedly improve the quality of life of patients. Also, everything we plan to implement is oriented towards their well-being.


If you want to take good care of your teeth, visit the facilities of Alvarado Dental Clinic at 13 Hernán Cortés Street, bajo, in Valencia. You can also call them at +34 963 034 838 or +34 601 465 925. In addition, you can consult more information about their treatments or make an appointment on their website:


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