Glass Worktop Extractor: Design the kitchen you’ve always wanted

Although this is a very personal decision, hiding the appliances is becoming more and more popular among people who want to create a unique atmosphere in the room considered essential for any home; the kitchen.

Its main advantage? It just looks great! Because If they’re concealed, they won’t disrupt the overall design of your kitchen but instead help to maintain a uniform, uncluttered aesthetic.


The kitchen is already the social hub of the home, and every detail needs to be paid attention to. Therefore not long ago, an eye-catching new feature was added to the usual built-in appliances: worktop extractors. Obviously, over time these have evolved resulting in a new design that has already become available at Hogar Guti: the glass worktop extractor.



We will introduce you to this unique concept in this article.


Have you ever wanted a hidden cooker hood?



Well, nowadays you will have no problem getting one. But people who think about such things sometimes do not do so for banal reasons: they want a kitchen that looks unique. The NEFF glass worktop extractor fan is perfect if you need to have an element in the kitchen capable of catching all our attention. It is Efficient, elegant, discreet, and fully integrated next to the plate, its main advantage is that it can be hidden when not in use.


The transparent glass design and the possibility of changing the light shades turn the cooking space into a completely unknown place that you will want to see… Its coordination with the rest of the kitchen is wonderful and thanks to the 501 m3/h of maximum extraction, odors and fumes will never be a problem. This is now essential for open kitchens or those who enjoy cooking in company. By the way, it barely reaches 62 dB of sound while it is working as well so no problems with noise.


How does the Worktop Extractor work?



Generally, the motor is the backbone of the operation of a kitchen extractor. It takes in the air and passes it through the filters to expel the fumes from the home, or if the hood is installed in a recirculation manner, it is completely cleaned and returned to the kitchen.


However, for the new NEFF glass surface extractor, they go even further: its operation is based on the new guided air technology, which creates an air curtain that prevents smoke from spreading around the room. Efficiency is always guaranteed as air extractors are everywhere and they can capture all vapors and odors.


Why a worktop hood in your kitchen?


The reasons for choosing a kitchen with an integrated hood are, once again, very personal. You can choose the new NEFF glass worktop extractor hood because this material is a clear trend, or because your dream has always been to show off an island kitchen, but you think that the traditional hoods installed in them take up too much space in the cooking area.


If you still have some doubts, Hogar Guti gives you two more reasons for you to choose one…


1.. You will access the wonderful world of smart appliances. The NEFF retractable table the extractor is connected to Home Connect. This means that you can make various settings or check its operation at any time through the phone display. No, you don’t have to be in the kitchen by yourself. They will provide you with some previews and the ambient light system changes the color of the glass edge from the app to achieve an enviable exclusive touch.


2..The filters will always be kept clean. It would be pointless to offer you the possibility of equipping your kitchen with a state-of-the-art appliance, and then have the day-to-day running of it be a headache. The filters of the extractor, obviously, always remain hidden, but it is essential to clean them to maintain them in perfect condition with the capacity of extraction.
When the time comes, press a button to get them out of their hiding place. Remove them and put them in the dishwasher. It’s as simple as that. When they reach a significant level of fat saturation, an electronic indicator will let you know.


Impressed by the new NEFF glass worktop extractor?



Then visit or call Hogar Guti and allow them to help you turn your kitchen into a custom dream kitchen and make you feel special.

For more information, please visit their website (clickable) or follow them on social media.



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