Glass awnings for amazing patios & roof-top (II)

A high-quality awning is the best solution to enjoy a covered terrace even on the hottest days of the Costa Blanca. Get more out of your veranda, patio or terrace protecting you from the sun’s rays with a roof-top or under-glass awnings.


In a previous article we already discovered the benefits of roof-top and under-glass awnings. They are very versatile products that complement our glazed surfaces, making them more usable. Now we are going to check the different models that Markilux offers to protect us from the sun at home.


Under-glass awnings

Under-glass awnings are a fantastic option to protect us from the sun on our terrace or garden. In addition, as the product is placed under the roof, the fabric is protected from wind, dirt and weathering at all times. On the other hand, this awning can be equipped with a lighting system with LED spotlights to make the space more functional, stylish and attractive.


Awnings for verandas and glass terraces
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In the Markilux catalog we find the model 779 tracfix (square canvas box) and the 879 tracfix (round canvas box). Both are equipped with the latest high-quality technology for large or small glass surfaces. It has silent sliders to extend and pick up the awning with a remote control, as well as a slender design and special springs that keep the fabric taut and avoid the noises produced by the wind.


Roof top awnings

Roof top awnings are more versatile, since they allow different installation options. They are suitable for pitched or flat roofs and help us enjoy a pleasant temperature without using the air conditioning system.


Marlilux offers us the 8800 tracfix model especially for large surfaces (up to 36 square meters). It is considered the best conservatory awning on the market thanks to its reliability, endurance and performance, as well as its ease of installation. This model is available in all designs of the current Markilux collection, such as Sunvas, Sunsilk, Visutex and Sunvas Transolair. In addition, it has a silent electric motor and you can even add a remote control for more comfort.


On the other hand, if the roof of your terrace is lowered or sloping, the Markilux 8850 is the best option. This is because their guide rails can move up to 100 centimetres inward and can also protrude up to 100 centimetres beyond the last support. Also, a remote controlled motor can be added for comfort and is available in Sunvas, Sunsilk, Visutex and Perfotex fabrics. In addition, this model and the Markilux 8800 tracfix won the German Design Award – Special Mention in 2014 and the iF Design Award in 2012.


How to install the best roof-top and under-glass awnings
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Finally, if your glass ceiling is up to 400 x 400 centimetres, you can opt for the Markilux 770 tracfix (square box) or 870 tracfix (round box). They have silent and very precise sliders, in addition to being equipped with the tracfix system, which makes the gap between the awning cover and guide track disappear. This product is an economical and high-quality solution for small roofs.


How to install a roof-top or under-glass awning?

If one of these products has caught your attention, go to Amásvista Glass. This Pedreguer company works throughout the Costa Blanca, offering the best high-quality solutions for glazing of terraces, roofs and windows, as well as doors, awnings and covered terraces. They are the only Sunflex official dealer on the Costa Blanca, and also work as Markilux official suppliers.


Markilux is a German brand that manufactures awnings of the highest quality in its own factory in Germany. Their products are exclusive, since they are made by order and all their fabrics are welded. If you want to install the best awning in your home, choose Markilux in Amásvista Glass. They not only sell, they also install all their products with the greatest efficiency, confidence and cleanliness thanks to their expertise and professionalism. For more information about Amásvista Glass, please visit their website and find them on social media.



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