Give your body the rest it deserves at Pepe & Andersson.

When it comes to sleep, many people totally ignore the importance of having a good mattress in their lives and the benefits it brings to their health. It has long been known by experts that not sleeping well and not sleeping the necessary hours at night is detrimental to health, making people more prone to develop illnesses.


Sleeping well in optimal conditions reduces stress, reduces inflammations in the human body, keeps your heart healthy, and avoids many injuries that an old and used mattress can cause.


For this, it is of vital importance to have good experts to advise and guide you in the purchase of a quality mattress that best suits your needs. Well in Spain Life we have been hearing about a new company in Moraira called Pepe & Andersson and we wanted to find out more about them and today we bring you all the information as we personally found it very interesting and different from the competition.


Can you imagine a restful sleep on a high-quality mattress where besides sleeping well it is also beneficial for your health due to the materials used in the mattress itself?


Well, Pepe & Andersson arrived in Moraira in April to establish themselves as experts in this field of rest and relaxation and to introduce natural and Scandinavian sleeping and to differentiate themselves from the rest due to their speciality in superior quality beds and mattresses that you won’t find anywhere else.




Scandinavian sleeping



At Pepe & Andersson you will find authentic Scandinavian beds with handmade furniture to give a cosy and beautiful touch to your bedroom. What could be better than having a nice bed with handmade furniture in addition to a good mattress? From storage boxes to shoe storage furniture, everything you can imagine is available at Pepe & Andersson.














Another area that sets them apart is the ecological style of their beds and mattresses from the Eco-Style collection, which are characterized by the use of natural materials.


For centuries this was the most natural thing in the world: sleeping on a mattress made of natural materials. Natural materials have the property of giving you the best possible ventilation and moisture control. This ensures that you not only sleep comfortably but also that a healthy climate is created in your bed, so your bed stays clean and lasts a long time.


At Pepe & Andersson all Eco-Style beds and mattresses are handmade by their craftsmen in the most modern factories, according to the old Scandinavian tradition. The mattresses and upholstery are inserted by hand so that all the materials stay in place.


So having said all this, why not invest in rest in the same way we invest in our appearance and looking good since we spend a quarter of our lives sleeping let’s give it the importance it deserves. Pepe & Andersson will not only provide you with the best rest but also the best advice on what is best for you according to your needs. They also speak five languages so that they can attend to you properly when you visit their lovely showroom on the main road in Moraira with available parking and welcoming service.


All their beds are handmade in Northern European sizes. On request, they can adapt your bed to suit all of your requirements.


So give them a call or visit them in Moraira as it pays to get the best sleep and nowhere else can provide this other than Pepe & Andersson.






Contact Details:

Pepe &Andersson

Calle Cabo  Salou 2,

Moraira 03724.

 from Monday to Saturday from

10.00 to 18.00 hrs.

Phone: 965 27 04 52 or 611014164


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