Get your exclusive Phillippe Model sneakers at Paca Cervera

Some years ago Demi Lovato said it in one of her songs: Who said I can not wear my sneakers with my dress? Oh, baby, that’s just me! Do you feel identified? French designer and artist Phillipe Model has thought of you. Its exclusive line of sneakers will delight all those who like to be elegantly dressed and also comfortable. Now you can buy them in the exclusive fashion store Paca Cervera.

Premium luxury shop Paca Cervera works with premium firms and luxury brands, selling products of the highest quality in its two stores, in Valencia and Altea. Some time ago they discovered the dazzling Phillippe Model collection and decided to bring their line of sneakers to Spain. Currently, Paca Cervera has the exclusivity of this brand in this country.



But what is so special about these shoes? They are some of the luxury sneakers that are having the most impact in Europe nowadays. Phillippe Model is a French conceptual designer who started designing handbags. But his multidisciplinary facet soon led him to create more things. Thus, he took his emblematic concept of handbags to sneakers. To make them he mix different fabrics, such as furs, cavallinos and velvets. He also uses materials such as python, mixing different concepts to create an amazing and luxury sneaker.


The most characteristic element of these shoes is that they have the heel or wedge inside. This heel reaches a measure of between four and five centimeters, but it is hardly noticeable. In addition, it is a refined and elegant shoe, stylizing the figure of the foot, unlike the typical sneaker. In this way, Phillippe Model has managed to create a sneaker to dress elegant, striking and stylish. It is a new concept of fashion that is easy to adapt and that wipes out the streetstyle of the whole world. It is feminine, trendy and super comfortable.


Among its different models, Paca Cervera works with several lines. One of them is Monaco, highlighted by shoe style and its crepe sole, wider, playing with stripes and colors, combining it artistically with the rest of the composition, creating a true work of art.



Do you have a craving for the Phillippe Model sneakers? You can contact Paca Cervera by phone +34 963 81 66 96, email ( or visit his website: Its stores are located at 14 Sorní street, in Valencia, and 3 Conde Altea street, in Altea.

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