Get rid of the hustle and bustle of the world; our Top 5 Rural Destinations in the Valencian Community

This new normal and the way we connect with each other is changing our habits, the way we look at life, but most importantly, it allows us to focus on important details every day. Maybe now, more than ever, we should quote the famous quotes “Carpe Diem”. Living in the present seems to have become the only thing we can be sure of.


With so many changes, it may be necessary to stay away from the crowd and change our leisure holiday habits. We have more choices for the countryside, nature, the rural environment far from the people where the virus directly harms less.


We have brought you 5 rural destinations in the Valencian Community so that you can test the slow lifestyle and let yourself be attracted by all the charms of nature, rural scenery, and greenery. Spain is diverse, with a variety of colors, today, we bring you the green of hope.


Morella (Castellon)


This small medieval village is part of Spain’s most beautiful village network, and we assure you that it is worth it because it is one of the most charming towns in the Valencian Community. It provides art, culture, flora, and fauna.

Its medieval walls have a circumference of more than 2 kilometers and a height of 10 to 15 meters. There are many manor houses and romantic Gothic medieval churches in the town. You can’t miss it!


Bocairent (Valencia)



A picturesque village in the province of Valencia, where time is still, and you are immersed in another era full of magic and charm. Here, you seem to see old-fashioned horse-drawn carriages or donkey carts along the narrow stone path transports goods. Towns with a long history need to be included in your bucket list.


Chulilla (Valencia)



Another beautiful town in the heart of a hill that is also one of the best rock climbing destinations in the world.

The Charco Azul of Chulilla is a beautiful turquoise blue lake or natural pool in the course of the Turia River as it passes through the town, an area that is surrounded by large rock walls.

This small village is like heaven on earth. It deserves to be in our top 5.


Chelva (Valencia)



The town ranked second among the 7 rural wonders in Spain. We recommend visiting it not only for being on the podium of Spain’s rural beauty but also for the amount of historical heritage it has. A must.


Cofrentes (Valencia)



It is considered the largest leisure resort in the natural world of Valencia. Spa, volcano accident, kayaking route, cruise to the Jucar River Canyon.

This river is an ideal place to enjoy a relaxing boat trip with the family. In the rugged landscape, if you don’t pass the Yukar River, it’s off the beaten track. Thousands of tourists enjoy unforgettable memories every year.


Authentic green luxury for multiple adventure lovers.


Take note and get ready to explore!

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