Everything for your home in one place

Do you need something for your home? If you are in Calpe you just have to go to Galerías Aitana (Aitana Shopping Gallery), where they have gathered all the best home products and services for you.


The story of Galerías Aitana begins in 1984, when two brothers, Paco and Pepe, decided to merge their businesses to open the first store of what would later be the Grupo Aitana. From the beginning Paco and Pepe always had in mind the needs and problems of the clients when they are on holiday or reside in another country. Their objective has always been that all tehir clients find a solution to what they are looking for with maximum satisfaction and ease in the minimum possible time.


In addition, Galerías Aitana has always been characterised by its close, personalised and highly detailed customer service. In this way, they have obtained many loyal clients who return again and again and place their full trust in Aitana.


In Galerías Aitana they have you with everything you need


The solution to all your home needs

In the impressive showroom of Galerías Aitana of 3,500 square meters you will find an infinite number of items that will provide a solution to all your needs while saving time and money. In this way, in this excellent establishment you will find household items, bathroom furniture, kitchenware and appliances, as well as clothing, accessories, luggage and sports equipment, among many other things.


Likewise, the Aitana team offers you a very personalised attention and a complete professional service. They can even go to the clients’ house and advise them on everything they need. In addition, they also offer a comprehensive installation and assembly service for all their products, leaving them ready to use. And if you need it, they even offer a delivery service with flexible schedules.


Where to buy appliances in Calpe


If you want to equip your home with maximum comfort, Galerías Aitana is the best solution for you in Calpe. Their services are so extraordinary that last October 3 the Grupo Aitana received the Alicante Provincial Award at the AEFA Gala. For more information about Galerías Aitana, please visit their website or find them on social media.



Galerías Aitana

Avenida Gabriel Miró, 13, Calpe (Alicante)

Phone: +34 965 832 729


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