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On a chilly winter’s day, nothing warms the body and spirit like curling up in front of a fireplace.



A fireplace always works, whether your particular taste leans to shabby chic or you like rural style home design. A genuine fire makes us feel warmer in some way and seeing the flames dance talks to us on a deeper level.

The reality is that today’s contemporary fireplace designs are unequaled for providing spot heating in your house. They’re cost-effective to use, beautiful to look at, and, with appropriate care, as safe as practically any other kind of heat.



A company we recommend based in Denia namely Fuego Difusión shows us in this feature the latest in fireplaces to help us keep warm in the next few months. The fireplaces we’re going to talk about by our experts Fuego Difusión are always bringing us the latest news to keep us warm in the winter, not to mention always combining the highest quality fireplaces, selected from the best manufacturers, with an exquisitely careful service, taking care of the client throughout the entire process and following up at all times, from the conception of the idea to the completion of the project.

But let’s first talk about effectiveness and whether they are cost-effective.


Gas Fireplaces: Are they cheaper or more expensive?



While it depends on a variety of circumstances, you might be curious about how much gas the average fireplace consumes and how much it will cost you. Is it cheaper or more energy-efficient to run these units than your furnace? Continue reading to find out!

The quantity of gas used by fireplaces is determined by the characteristics of your system as well as where you reside. The following are some major elements that influence gas usage:

  • Room size and kind of fireplace
  • Seasonal Climate Severity

There are two types of gas fireplaces: burners and sealed fireplaces. They are a great alternative to traditional wood-burning or electric fireplaces.

Gas inserts or fireplaces are self-contained systems that utilize less gas to heat the same space than gas log sets. The amount of gas converted to heat for your house is determined by the efficiency rating of a fireplace. When your home is more efficient, you use less gas to heat it. However, there is no denying that a modern fireplace using natural gas for fuel is cheap to run and almost maintenance-free.

In the end, a gas fireplace is significantly handier and produces no trash or smoke. At the push of a button, they also offer quick heat and flames.

At Fuego Difusión, there are gas fireplaces for every style conceivable, from the quaint and old-timey to the ultra-modern and polished, if you check their website. Whatever style you pick, a gas fireplace will blend in seamlessly and make the space more comfortable, cozy, and inviting.


Gas fireplaces have matured. Designers have been able to rethink the fireplace and make it the focal point of the space thanks to technological advancements. They may be put almost anyplace, and there is no need for a vent. A gas fireplace can transform an average room into a stunning atmosphere, one that seems inviting and calming, thanks to its heat, movement, and simplicity of usage.

A gas fireplace has all of the appeal of a conventional fireplace but none of the disadvantages.

The Fuego Difusión solutions on the market today are an effective and elegant solution to heating and style. There isn’t a single space that wouldn’t benefit from the addition of a gas fireplace.

Here below are some of the great fireplaces you can find at Fuego Difusión.



With so many options, we’re sure you’ve already decided which fireplace type is right for you and where you’ll put it. If you’re not sure how to put it in, Fuego Difusión says it’s more adaptable than typical wood-burning fireplaces. The forced airflow and the ability to remove the extraction tube from the facade allow for unlimited permutations and possibilities. There are many options and arrangements.

Do you want the heat to be distributed around the house? They also install everything you’ll need in each area to enjoy your gas fireplace.



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