Fuego Difusión Tells Us About The Advantages Of Pellet Stoves

What will I use to keep warm this winter? This is the huge issue that millions of people are asking themselves since with the increase in energy and the entire gas crisis, it is natural to feel lost.

That is why, this post from the hand of Fuego Difusión, the specialist firm that specializes in fire stoves for your home, brings us all the information about the popular pellet stoves.


Pellet stoves are the most economical and sustainable alternative for your home as they generate heat through pellet combustion. There are 3 types of pellet heaters available in the market:

The stove, with manual load, is ideal for auxiliary heating, such as a wood stove and a fireplace.

The boiler, with automatic loading, can be used as the main heating source for the building.

The stove-boiler can heat the room where the appliance is located, but can also provide hot water and can heat one or two radiators remotely.

Benefits of a pellet stove

Depending on the model selected, the temperature can be adjusted with a remote control or room thermostat. Some models can even be programmed or operated daily or monthly by text message or mobile app. Pellet stoves start burning and shut down without you having to do anything, depending on the program selected.


“Heating with pellets offers many advantages. As comforting as heating with wood and environmentally friendly thanks to the CO2-neutral fuel. As with gas or oil heating, a pellet stove also offers a lot of convenience thanks to its automatic ignition.”

Gaserveis source


They have up to 90% efficiency and can be even higher. In other words, only 10% of the energy generated by the pellets is lost in the chimney. This is more than a classic wood stove, with an efficiency of only 40 to 50% (60 to 80% for recent high-efficiency stoves), and much more than an open fire, with an efficiency of 5 to 15%.

They do not need a chimney as a pellet stove is equipped with an active smoke extraction system (through the blower system). Therefore, it is not necessary to provide a special chimney, as the flue gases can be blown into an existing chimney.

Smoke can also be extracted by means of an ordinary thin pipe (8 cm diameter) running horizontally through an outside wall, even when bent.

Autonomy from 12 to 36 hours
The pellet reserve in the stove version has an autonomy of approximately 12 hours at full power. This means that the stove must be filled manually once or twice a day. Or even less frequently, as the stove rarely has to run at full capacity. With a power output of 30%, the autonomy can be up to 36 hours.

Convenient and inexpensive fuel
Pellets are relatively inexpensive compared to other fuels, and their price has remained stable in recent years. They are supplied in 15 kg bags (costing €4 to €5 per bag) which are easy and compact to store. In addition, they are always ready to use. They can also be delivered in bulk by tanker truck.

A pellet stove can contain 1.5 to 2.5 bags of pellets. Consumption depends on the size and insulation of the room to be heated, the heating time and the desired temperature.

Carbon neutral balance

Granules are imported from Europe and, on occasion, Canada. They are composed of sawdust, which is a byproduct of the wood processing industry (furniture, pallets, lumber, etc.).

The carbon balance of pellet burning is zero if the forests from which the wood is harvested are managed responsibly. This is due to the fact that the quantity of carbon exhaled after burning equals the amount of carbon absorbed by the tree throughout its development.

Discover Fuego Difusion’s newest wood and pellet burners and enjoy the view of the fire while caring for the environment and saving more with environmentally friendly design. There are versions with and without an electrical connection, as well as models without a flue.


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