From concept to creation, Wichmann are the construction and real estate company that listen better, plan better and build better

We take a look today at a business that we have recently come across that certainly stands out from your normal builder and constructor and one that surpasses all our needs when it comes to service and quality.


With a wealth of experience in many different sectors, Wichmann started in 2003 as a construction company. Soon after also as a  multilingual estate agency (Spanish, English, German and French), giving them a competitive advantage over other companies in the same industries.


After seventeen years of being in Jávea with a good clientele built up their work started to become more prominent in the area of Moraira, and so last year they moved their office to that area where they are very much a family business where Ricardo, Bea, Boris, and Stephan work all together to carry out the dedicated work that defines them today as a top-class construction and development business.






Wichmann has established itself now as well as a top Real Estate and construction company and for a good reason. It has been growing and developing throughout the years and their experienced and dedicated team has made many projects possible by always using the best products and brands to make sure that high quality is maintained in every single project.













However, their work goes beyond providing the client with what he or she originally asked for as they advise and provide a service that continues after the work has been delivered, they will be there beside the client at all times and following up with them in case there is a need to modify or fix any work is already done or any problem that may arise. Wichmann will not be at ease until the client is completely satisfied. They work for the client’s needs at all times and want to make sure their reputation is kept at the high level it is now, so they will continue to gain recognition and more business from clients’ recommendations.





Their main two services are construction and real estate




Their construction work excels on both attention to detail plus management and their post-construction service.
One of the reasons why their clients always choose them and recommend them to friends and family is because Ricardo and Boris are always there to manage the sites.


They know what is happening at all times, and they make sure everything is organized on-site with the workers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc. so everyone and everything is always working smoothly and without any major hold-ups as planning is key.























Their main aim -and this is really important- are they never leave a job without the clients being 100% happy with it. As we have already mentioned at the beginning of this article, in the case (which does not often happen) that something it’s not quite right how the client wanted it they will be there to make sure it is corrected as at the end of the day the relationship with their clients is the most important thing for them, so they can always be called upon again.


The estate agency side of the business has been open for a number of years now and has gained great experience and reputation due to their services offered. They offer now a Homes-for-sale and  Home finder service; Holiday lets, Long term lets, and also complete maintenance service.








The reason why they offer so much is that they want to help their clients achieve everything they need. Therefore, if you visit the office, Stephan, Bea, and Jessica will be there to help you with anything you may need in relation to renting or buying a  house or apartment.


Currently, they are looking to take on new properties for the Moraira area so if you are interested in selling your home, then contact them today! They will welcome you with a warm smile and service.



The future

Since Wichmann moved office to be closer to everyone with their projects in Moraira, they now have taken on researching alternative construction products called Passive houses (which are self-sufficient houses) and are working with green energy companies to boost the use of solar energy and energy-efficient products.

So all in all, Wichmann sees a bright future for new build and homes in Costa Blanca, and they are very much part of the new developments that can make a difference. Therefore, we recommend you visit them soon if you are looking for a new home to be built, someone to take care of your property, or when looking for that special home that can be available.



Call the office today or visit them at:

Avenida del Portet 38
03724 Moraira (Alicante)

Telephone: (+34) 966 471 760
(+34) 606 453 286

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