Frigiliana – A Hidden Gem Between Sea And Mountains

Frigiliana is one of Malaga’s most lovely white villages, having been awarded the I National Prize of Beautification in 1982 and having its historic core designated as a Historic-Artistic Site since 2014.



Frigiliana is one of those places where strolling, having a snack in one of the village’s restaurants, or doing some shopping in one of their charming small and winding alleyways is a delight. And it is that this hamlet, nestled between the sea and the mountains, is one of Malaga’s finest preserved communities, with a strong Moorish presence in the historic center.

Join us in this post if you’d like to learn about some of the hidden gem’s many lovely nooks.


Pure Andalusian art in its architecture



Frigiliana is a little community of around 3.000 residents that, despite its popularity as a tourist destination, maintains its uniqueness and, more importantly, is not overcrowded.



This charming town exudes traditional Andalusian charm and is regarded as Andalusia’s finest popular architectural ensemble of Arab ancestry. It has everything to be the most Instagrammable town without leaving Spain, with cobblestone lanes, white buildings covered with flowers, and bright doors.



Where is Frigiliana?


Frigiliana is located in the eastern part of Malaga’s province, known as the district of Axarquia, and is just 13 kilometers from Nerja, one of Malaga’s most renowned cities for having acted as a film set for the famed Verano Azul series and for the spectacular Cueva de Nerja.

The distance between Frigiliana and Malaga, the capital is just over 50 kilometers by the highway.

What to see in Frigiliana


The ideal way to see Frigiliana is to roam the streets and get lost in its alleyways and passageways, so simply walking and strolling through each of its streets with a camera in hand will be enough to make you fall in love with this exquisite white hamlet. Although we strongly advise you to eat or dine at any of its restaurants because Frigiliana has gained the distinction of being one of the province’s top dining villages.



Because the three most major civilizations (Christian, Jewish, and Muslim) coexisted toward the end of the 15th century, Frigiliana is known as the town of the three cultures. The iconic Fountain of the Three Cultures and the ceramics of the Adarve del Torreón are examples of the city’s Moorish heritage.




Viewpoint of Frigiliana


Walk a few feet down Calle Hernando el Darra at the end of the Cuesta del Apero until you reach an alley on the right. After climbing several stairs, you will arrive at the overlook with the nicest views in Frigiliana. Although the climb might be strenuous, especially in the heat, it is really worth it.



Frigiliana has gained notoriety after appearing in a Coca-Cola television commercial. The advertisement was shot at the area of the photograph, which is from Barribarto’s point of view. They show multiple tables with people dining and enjoying the amazing views from the top of the old town.


Cuesta del Apero, best known place in Frigiliana



Mialmazen; lots of love and spirituality



As you go away from the famed Plaza de las Tres Culturas and begin to ascend, you’ll notice a modest boutique with stunning paintings and exquisite costume jewelry. Its name is  Mialmazen this is a play on words to describe something built with a great deal of love and spirituality.

“Mialmazen” is a collection of handcrafted items created by a number of craftsmen, including Pablo, who is in charge of the paper sculptures he creates with wire and masking tape, and Raquel, his girlfriend, who is in charge of the watercolors for sale in the store.



From Pablo’s paper sculptures and Raquel’s paintings to children’s apparel, ceramic and fimo jewelry, and other goods such as phrase tablets, T-shirts, and purses, “Mialmazen” has it all.




If you stroll through the streets of Frigiliana you should not miss the opportunity to discover the details offered by this store, which Pablo defines in general terms as “Exclusive handmade things made by different artists, artisans and designers”. Very nice to see and touch to maybe give to someone special as a gift.



Mialmazen is located in Calle Real 46 and is open from Monday to Sunday (except Tuesdays) from 10:00h to 18:00h.



Where to eat


There are several restaurants all across Frigiliana where you can dine very well whilst enjoying a wonderful view of the hill and the sea, but today we are going to propose one of the most famous ones namely Gloria Bendita where we have been told that the food is exquisite.



Gloria Bendita is located in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas, which we mentioned before.



This fantastic restaurant serves delectable Mediterranean and Oriental food with a unique taste and has blends that will make your taste buds engage quickly there is  Food that is vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free, with all of the history and high-quality ingredients that provide the greatest eating experience.

Gloria Bendita’s menu has dishes for all tastes and needs. Varied starters, salads, meats and fish and of course the famous fried aubergines with cane honey.



You can also enjoy delicious cocktails and a unique sangria.



Frigiliana offers a diverse range of tourism services to meet the needs of its visitors. There is a diverse range of accommodation (hotels, apartments, and rural houses) as well as a large number of restaurants serving a variety of local, national, and international cuisines. Some native craft traditions continue in Frigiliana, and materials such as esparto grass, water gourds, wax, glass, clay, wood, or wool are transformed into exquisite pieces of art with distinctive finishes that can be purchased in the historic center’s boutiques.

Enjoy it!

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