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The start of everything is the energy and of course, the biggest source is the sun. He can provide us with big amounts of clean and free energy. Now with Fernández Luna you can “catch the sun” and use this energy for your benefit…with photovoltaic panels.

Fernández Luna’s legacy

Fernández Luna is in the world of plumbing and energy equipment since 1985 providing to the customer high-quality services at the best prices. With a big variety in energy solutions and everything that a house needs, they can help you save time and money. Also, their professional staff are available for any problem that can occur, making your days much more relaxed. This is why at Fernández Luna, they believe they do not just have you as a client but they care for you afterwards as well!


Clean Energy by Fernández Luna

The important thing is to think outside of the box. At Fernández Luna they know this that’s why they can provide you with the best solutions about clean energy.



You can choose among…

  • geo heating pumps which actually use the energy of the earth.
  • air heating pumps which use the energy of the air.
  • and a photovoltaic panel which takes advantages of the radiation of the sun to optimize your energetic bill.

With the help of Fernández Luna’s experts, you can find the type of energy more suitable to your needs.


Solar Energy

And what is more suitable for a Costa Blanca home than photovoltaic panels that allow you to have lots of days of sunshine and big amounts of energy available, the Mediterranean sun is becoming a new ally providing you with free and clean energy. In this case, you can minimize your energy footprint on the planet while you are saving money for yourselves also.



They can be placed everywhere and easily with low cost maintenance and clean efficiency.

Solar energy now!



Don’t waste more time! Contact with Fernández Luna experts and ask for more information about your new photovoltaic panel. They will be glad to help you!!



Fontanería Fernández Luna

Calle Miraflor, 8, Denia – 03700 (Alicante)

Phone: +34 965 785 544





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