Find the Right Finishing Decor Touches at High-End Homes, Marbella

If you hone in on the smaller details to set a certain ambience in your home then look no further than Buster + Punch, exclusively available at High-End Homes.


Sometimes, we think that we need to spend a lot of money to decorate our home. But it doesn’t have to be like that. At Spain Life, we aim to offer you a simple and very effective solution: Put small details in your spaces to get a different and special space.

Interior decorator in Marbella, High-End Homes by Ann Sand, has in store an exquisite brand that has us in awe at the detail of its pieces. Enter Buster + Punch: a brand with a passion for the otherwise slightly “overlooked” aspects of a home such as lights, light switches, door handles, and cabinet hardware that can make all the difference when it comes to decorating your luxury living space.

With an eye for excellence in interior brands, you can count on Ann Sand and her staff to fill your home with the touches it deserves and needs.

Buster + Punch is a brand established in London, “home fashion”, that is, creating trends in interior fashion. It is a leading producer of lighting, handles, pulls and accessories.

It all started in 2013 in a garage in London, when the founder of the company, Massimo Buster Minale, an architect and industrial designer, discovered with his friend his passion for creating unique products such as handles and lamps that refer to his passion. – motorcycles.

In combination with music, lifestyle, cooperation with artists, metal work and career, he created an original brand that combines industrial character with elegance and art. His work is inspired by fashion, music and London subculture. Passion, passion for craftsmanship and perfect workmanship make Buster + Punch a unique brand.




Door Handles

Doorknobs, knobs and handles are small pieces that shine with their own light. Their wise choice is essential in a decoration that seeks excellence. Buster + Punch has a fabulous collection of handles, knobs, stops, pulls, and accessories for your doors, built from rare and solid metals. They are refined by hand and featuring our signature cross and linear knurls, they feel amazing with every touch.

All of its door hardware products are designed to complement the lighting ranges in your home in order to help you create the style you desire.




Pendant Lights

As you may have noticed, pendant lights have shot off as a trend in the last few years, popping up in many chic cafes, bars, and restaurants. They can be placed as several coordinated ceiling lamps, achieving an interesting composition of different sizes, heights or designs. Another possibility is to place two hanging lamps, one at each end of the table if it is rectangular.

They’re very useful to highlight the elements that you want to highlight, and they also provide warmth and beauty to the rooms and third, they facilitate the task that is developed in that space.



Light Switches

Buster + Punch also features a unique and modern collection of light switches, dimmer switches, plug sockets, and USB chargers that will make you want to centre your home around.

They’re specially designed from solid metals and feature the brand’s signature cross-knurl pattern and solid metal coin screws.




Cabinet Hardware

Whether you go for modern, mid-century modern or minimalist, cabinet hardware can make or break your decorating style. Transform your ordinary door or cabinet into an innovative sliding door and add a unique touch with this fantastic sliding hardware set. Featuring sliding systems for smooth opening and closing with stops and a small floor bracket as a guide for added stability.






Ann Sand



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