Find your identity in Balthazar Project Gallery

What are you looking for in a store? Most of the time we go to the supermarket in a hurry. But when we want to enjoy shopping, walking through the shops helps us to relax and discover new products. In Balthazar Project Gallery you can buy exclusive items while you dazzle with their select pieces of its art gallery.


Since we were very young we started to build our personality, the one that will identify us for a lifetime. Undoubtedly one of the things that identify us as unique human beings are our particular tastes, the way we dress, the decoration of our house and even our way of speaking. To decipher the identity of a person it is necessary to use all our senses. This allows us to define the type of person we have before us. Art is perhaps one of the things that most can identify us as people. Art can give identity to cities and entire nations. What would Paris be without the Eiffel Tower or Barcelona without the Church of the Sacred Family? Art defines us as culture and is a historical heritage of the existence of the human being.


Visually and according to our personality we have a predilection for some colours more than others, some seek symmetry, while others look for organic forms and movement. Some of us preserve trends that marked us at some point or we simply combine those stages to build our own style. Maybe you are looking for a special place that gives you exclusive and original options to feel independence and differentiation with others. In Spain Life Exclusive we have found that site that could help you in the reconciliation with your identity. Balthazar Project Gallery is a place where art and style converge.



Patrick Jacquemin, its owner, has created a unique and truly innovative space. In this peculiar place a store is mixed with an art gallery where different modern artists expose their artworks. In this way, in Balthazar Project Gallery you can meet with Spanish and international artists and you can find their works of art and surely will look good on your walls. Furthermore, you will also find unique decorative accessories to put in the most special corners of your home. In addition, Balthazar Project Gallery differentiates itself by offering exclusive kitchen products and cosmetics that you will not find in other stores in the area, such as the excellent Meraki soaps and the exquisite condiments of Nicolas Vahé. Go to this store and let yourself be captivated by a figurative and conceptual art, inspire yourself in a contemporary environment and find that what identifies you.


Take a look at the website if Balthazar Project Gallery and discover new artists: Visit this store in calle Barranquet, 5, in Moraira (Alicante). You can also call Patrick at the number +34 965 74 42 03 and check the latest news of the shop on its Facebook profile:


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