Fernandez Luna: Back with a new, more productive way of working in Spain’s New Normality

Like many businesses in Spain, Denia family business Fontaneria Fernandez Luna were forced to close in March, due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Spain Life Exclusive recently caught up with Antonio, who founded the company in 1985. The great news is, the company are back on track with a new way of working which is so productive and safe, for customers and for staff, it’s become the new normality for Fernandez Luna.


Put simply, rather than taking the traditional Spanish ‘siesta break’ in the middle of the day, the service team now works an intensive shift from 8.00 am – 4.00 pm. The advantages of this may not be immediately obvious, so I asked Antonio to explain further:


Normally, our workers would load the materials for work, travel to the project, unload and work until lunch time. Then they repeat the process in reverse, and go through the whole thing again when they return to work. It all takes time, and it means extra journeys, with potentially more contact with other people. Also, there is less handling of materials. It’s safer for our team and our clients, and the bonus is, it saves the client money, as it reduces labour time.


As already mentioned, Fernandez Luna is a family business, and the 30 staff form part of the extended family. Therefore Antonio is anxious to keep everyone safe, not just workers and clients, but also the families of their team. If they are working one eight hour shift, they only need to leave home and return once each day, reducing the risk of taking the virus home with them. And of course, they can spend more time with their children this way.


Fontaneria Fernandez Luna



Also, without the stopping and starting of a typical Mediterranean working day, experienced craftspeople are more productive. That in turn results in smaller invoices for the clients, and the teams are then able to move on to the next projects, so waiting times are reduced for customers. It’s a win-win situation, and although the changed work schedule has come about through necessity, the company will be staying with it in future.


This is a rare example of something good coming out of the challenging Covid-19 situation which benefits everyone. It goes without saying that Fernandez Luna has also adopted stringent cleaning and hygiene protocols to ensure that the risk of infection is minimised. Social distancing measures will be adhered to when possible.


At the moment, Fernandez Luna is concentrating on working through existing projects, completing repairs, and recovering from lock-down. Antonio is confident that, with caution and planning, the company and its team of dedicated professionals will continue to be of service to home owners and business customers across the Costa Blanca for many years to come.


The Jewel in the Crown for this well-established company is that it can deal with all your home improvement and building needs, providing you with quality, service and value that is second to none. Whether you are looking for plumbing repairs or installations, pool systems, air conditioning repairs and installations or advice on solar panels and renewable energy, Fontaneria Fernandez Luna can help. Contact them for advice and a no-obligation quote.


Contact details:


Fontaneria Fernandez Luna


Miraflor 8, Denia 03700

Telephone: 965 78 55 44


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