February arrives with rough and unstable weather

After the weekend break in weather terms, during the last week of January the unstable weather returns in most of the autonomous communities of Spain. Humid wind, snow, rain and strong swells will once again bring a cold and unstable end of the month.


In the north of the Iberian Peninsula, precautions should be taken due to the new rains and possible floods that could be left behind again. It will also rain in the Canary Islands, in the most western areas. In addition, in the Pyrenees people will have to be careful again with the avalanches and precipitations, as well as snow, which will reach 600 meters, while the elevation will be up to 800 meters in the central area of Spain.



In the Cantabrian Sea the maritime situation will be complicated, with waves of five to six meters. However, the temperatures will not be very low and there will be no frost thanks to the winds. But of course, the thermal sensation will be lower, so do not forget to keep warm. Also, the end of the week will come with a lot of wind and rain, and even snow. Therefore, February will debut cold and with unstable weather.


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