Extend your Summer and Create a Cozy Atmosphere with these Gas Heaters.

Well as we enter autumn and the winter is coming soon we are looking at how we can stay outdoors but keep warm and we have now come across these patio heaters which are the perfect thing to keep your outdoor space warm this winter.


What if this winter season you didn’t have to be all about huddling under blankets outdoors What if you could enjoy the little cold we get and have more family time on your patio?


Well, it seems there is good news as that’s what these gas heaters are for! If you’re looking for a more cost-effective alternative to electric heaters or wood-burning fireplaces then have a look at these patio heaters that Dumas Design are presenting us today and it may be just what you need since the purpose of a patio heater is to keep the outdoor area warm enough for use without having to do without your outdoor socializing.


A gas heater is a simple and efficient way to stay warm outdoors. They can be used in any space, from a small room to a large outdoor patio.





They’re ideal for commercial and/or private use since the stylish design fits every surround but the best thing about it is that they will not only warm you but also create a cozy atmosphere as well on your outdoor living area to enjoy a cozy gathering at a comfortable temperature on the patio, porch, or during outdoor activities.









These heaters are suitable for the use of propane or butane gas cylinders up to 13 kg which can be easily stored in the spacious interior. The device is easily started by the integrated electric ignition system and the gas supply is regulated by a multi-stage regulator and supplied pressure reducing hose.


The gas heater generates up to 12 kW of heating power and supplies the installation site and the people in the immediate vicinity, quickly and efficiently, with pleasant and comfortable heat.


The center of attention is of course the bright flame which can be seen through four large viewing windows made of tempered glass.


The gas flame is surrounded by beautiful wood and/or lava stone decoration which makes for an impressive and harmless sight. Four-floor wheels make it easy to move these heaters, while reliable locking brakes ensure the outdoor heater stays steady at all times. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction makes the device especially durable and suitable for outdoor installation. An integrated fuse cuts the gas supply to the burner if the burner threatens to tip over. Therefore now fully equipped you can prolong the outdoor season for a few more months of cozy warmth.



1- Gas type: Propane, butane and mixtures (LPG)

2- Heat output: max. 12kW

3- Consumption: 576-599g/h

4- Include tilt switch and flame failure device

5- The fire is visible from all sides

6- Five pieces of tempered glass as protection

7- Great illumination and heating source

8- Robust, resistant and light at the same time

9- Electric ignition (no AAA battery)

10- Portable thanks to its four lockable wheels

11- Abt 5.5kg Clear tempered fireglass included



This heater is available in black and dark grey and is absolutely a must-have item during the colder periods of the year.


So if you want to give more life to your outdoor spaces this winter do not hesitate and contact Dumas Design now as they are in high demand due to the start of the new season.




Contact details:


Telephone: 694 493 476


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