Explore The Wonderful World Of Moscatel Through Bodegas Xaló

The most well-known wineries in the Xalo Valley is on a roll this summer and has planned a slew of surprises to ensure that you don’t miss out on the chance to sample its excellent and popular wines.


The Cooperativa Valenciana Virgen Pobre de Xaló, better known as Bodegas Xaló, has managed to combine its more than 50 years of tradition with the most modern technology, positioning itself as one of Alicante’s most emblematic wineries for its high-quality wines and liquors, such as its well-known mistelas or the popular white wine ‘Baha de Denia.’

Although wine production is their primary focus, they have been working on wine tourism for some time in order for visitors to the vineyard to escape from routine and connect with nature in its purest form via a truly unique experience. An experience that immerses you in the amazing world of muscatel and takes you back to the cooperative’s roots in the land and in time.



This is an excellent opportunity to learn about all of the mysteries buried in a vineyard, from how the wines are made to how they taste. Bodegas Xaló offers a guided tour of all of their facilities, as well as an explanation of how they manufacture their wines, mistelas, and vermouths. Following the visit, wine travelers can sample four of their wines as well as a mistela or vermouth, which is complemented with delicious cold meats, cheeses, almonds, and crispy doughnuts. All for 12 euros each person.



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Contact Details:

Address: Bodegas Xaló
Crta.Xaló-Alcalalí. S/N
03727, Alicante (Alicante)
Tel.: 966480034

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