Experience an authentic and award-winning wellness ritual, unique in Alicante province

We invite you to discover the traditional oriental hammam in the modern coastal resort of El Campello, a unique concept in the province of Alicante.


At Spa Hammam Bienestar Ancestral you will discover the true meaning of wellbeing and harmony with full-body treatments to rejuvenate both your body and mind such as the traditional steam bath ritual; the oriental hammam.


If you have already experienced the kindness of the hammam ritual, you will understand what we are talking about by remembering all the sensations during this journey.

However, if you have not had the chance to experience it, just do it, it is a must and now at your fingertips.


The hammam journey

Immerse yourself in a traditional hammam journey, a therapy inspired by Roman and Ottoman baths, fully conceived around a key element of hygiene and purification: the water.



The hammam is a way of taking a steam bath, which includes cleaning the body and relaxing the muscles. But this is just a description, it is much more than that, it is a journey to enjoy your 5 senses at once: sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste…

There is no other distraction around, just you and your senses. You will feel that you can be in tune with the world, a balance between body and mind that you will never forget.



At Spa Hammam Bienestar Ancestral, the hammam experience is as close to the real thing you can get without going to Turkey or Morocco yourself.



A unique place in Alicante, dedicated to well-being and health, a lavish interpretation of the Arabian baths where they receive their clients in private sessions, individually, as a couple, or in a group.


Developing a global concept of well-being, they propose a selection of varied treatments, hammam ceremonies, rituals, facial beauty treatments, aromatic and therapeutic massages and they display for sale the natural cosmetic products that they use in the hammam and in the cabin.


An authentic purification treatment provided on the hot stone with natural olive soap and personal kessa exfoliating mitten.

An ancestral ritual of physical and mental healing that improves the mood and leaves the skin incredibly clean and soft.


This way to relax will change your life

You have experienced what it feels like when beauty invades you, the outside comes out, but, most importantly, the inside has invaded you. Your body feels grateful, you are softer, brighter, and more radiant, and on top of that you feel relaxed, you found peace of mind. You are recharged with energy and good vibrations.



You will wonder how you have been able to live all this time without visiting one. What have I been doing with my life so far?

There will be a before and after when you discover how positively this affects your body and mind.


Contact details:

Avenida Fabraquer 38,
Las tiendas de Villa Marco, local 5
03560, El Campello – Alicante

Phone: (+34) 965 03 95 25.  (+34) 698 683 013






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