Artificial grass: Everything you need to know (I)

Are you thinking of putting artificial grass in your house? This product provides many advantages over natural grass, but surely you have many doubts about its installation, maintenance or warranty. Discover all the information you always wanted to know about artificial grass!


Natural or artificial grass or artificial? Surely most of us would opt for the first one without thinking. However, natural grass requires a lot of care and can be easily damaged. Artificial grass can solve these problems and provide some other advantages. In this series of articles we will clear any questions you may have about this versatile product.


Where can I install artificial grass?

Anywhere. To put artificial grass you just need a flat surface without rugosities that is compact and flat. However, we must bear in mind that, if we are going to install the artificial grass on natural land, we have to prepare the ground beforehand with a draining layer of gravel and sand. That will avoid possible puddles and mud formations in the future.


Typically, people install artificial turf in private or busuness gardens, and even on public roads and roundabouts. However, it can also be placed on terraces or balconies, as well as in indoor spaces, such as in children’s leisure areas, nurseries, fairs, shops or gyms.


Questions about artificial grass


How do it stay fixed to the ground?

This product is attached to the ground in two different ways, depending on where we have installed it. If the product is fixed on natural ground, the materials most used for its installation are staples, picks or nails. On the other hand, if the installation is done on tiles or other types of flooring, glue or high-quality adhesive tape is usually used.


Natural grass requires a lot of maintenance. What maintenance does artificial turf need?

Under normal conditions the artificial grass does not need too much cleaning or maintenance. Simply remove the leaves and other things that could accumulate on top and use a hose to clean the dust. Also, it is recommended to brush and pour a special gravel once a year, in addition to using a herbicide if the grass is placed on natural grounds. With proper maintenance, it can have a lifespan of more than 15 years.


How long does artificial grass last?


What warranty period does artificial grass have?

The guarantee depends on the installation company, as well as the product and the country where it is placed, since exposure to the sun and weather conditions influence its state. The guarantee of the Sibarigrass artificial grass covers the discoloration and degradation of the fibres by UV rays during a period of up to 10 years of guarantee.


Sibarigrass offers you the most advanced materials that have passed strict quality and environmental controls. As a result, they are characterised by their projects of integral installation of a high-quality, magnificent artificial grass. Their wide range of products is free of heavy metals and is totally safe for people of all ages, animals and plants.


Stay tuned to our website and Sibarigrass to learn more about artificial grass. Soon we will solve more doubts! For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.




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