Everyone’s Favourite Mouse Turns 90 This Year: Celebrate at Montenegro Jewellers

Reaching one’s 90th birthday is a milestone for anyone, but it is especially impressive for a rodent. This year, that celebrating rodent is Mickey Mouse.


Mickey Mouse Pandora
Celebrate with a limited edition PANDORA charm


Starting off as a simple black and white cartoon in the 20’s, Mickey Mouse’s image has, since then, grown to be considered the symbol of Disney.

As a true pop culture icon, his image has appeared on t-shirts, lunchboxes, watches and so much more. Mickey Mouse has been inspiring the fashion world for decades. And with several brands releasing limited edition 90th anniversary merchandise, it’s not too late to join the celebration.


Celebrate 90 years of Disney magic with the limited edition Mickey Mouse charm from PANDORA, available now at Montenegro.


This charm is classy and elegant, paying homage to our favourite mouse without looking like you just came back from holiday to Florida. It’s crafted from sterling silver and features a 14-carat gold 90, to commemorate the occasion. The special charm comes packaged in a beautiful limited edition gift box.


If you’re a fan of Disney, then you’re a fan of Mickey Mouse. Celebrate his birthday in style and get the charm here.

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