EstudioDReam; Tailor-Made Plans to Create And Personalise Both Your Home And Your Business

EstudioDream “Not only container houses” the innovative modular architecture studio obsessed with creating sustainable living and commercial spaces for Spain, tell us more about themselves today by showing us all the services they offer.



Tailor-made plans



It is difficult to face an empty house or space, but it is even more complicated to face the premises where you want to set up your own business. With this service, EstudioDReam offers advice to materialize all your ideas and get the image you want at the price you want.


The way it works is as follows: You decide how much help you need and what services you want to hire.

If you already have your business up and running and what you want is a “facelift” you can opt for the tailor-made plans that we propose.

If you are starting a new business, they can also help you. If you need a technical project to process licenses you only have to tell them how is your premises, your idea and they will explain the whole process.




“For those who need real plans on which to capture their own ideas”

They visit the premises, measure it and make a professional floor plan as it is before any reform proposal.

It will serve you as a base plan for the rest of the actions or plans you want to carry out. Even in many municipalities, depending on the activity and its implementation, this technical documentation may be sufficient for you to get the business up and running.

The service includes:

– Floor plan with table of surfaces (broken down by rooms).

– Floor plan with dimensioned plan.

– Proposal of standard distribution of furniture.





In addition to plans of the current state, they make you a proposal of furnishing and finishes, so that the local best suits your business and your future customers.

The service includes:

– Plan of the current state with surfaces.

– Plan of the current state of the premises.

– Furnishing plan.

– Furniture files.

– Finishing plan (materials, tones and textures in floors, walls and ceilings).

– Material sheets.



“For those who want a complete reform and want to see it before in three dimensions”.

In addition to plans of the current state and the proposed furnishings and finishes, they help you with the lighting. It also includes images in 3 dimensions, so you can get an idea of the result before you even start.

The service includes:

– Plan of the current state with surfaces.

– Plan of the current state of the building.

– Furnishing plan.

– Furniture sheets.

– Finishing plan (materials, tones and textures in floors, walls and ceilings).

– Material sheets.

– Lighting plan.

– REAL 3 dimensional images of the proposal.


* The projects are delivered in pdf format. The price for .dwg files is 200 €. For reforms subject to license, consult price.

EstudioDReam assists its clients in the definition of their needs, the search for the property, the design, and the execution of the work. The experience acquired in more than 400 projects has allowed them to develop their own flexible and efficient working methodology.

Contact them today as their track record in the modular architecture field is backed up by more than 30 years of expertise. Specialized in the design, fabrication, and installation of industrialized construction solutions, call them today if you need to build your house, company, or architectural solutions; you will be glad you did.


Contact Details:


Address: Avenida Via Augusta, 30, Office 1, VALENCIA

+34 675 90 07 67

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